Common Magento Problems

Problem: User Friendliness

If you spend any amount of time looking at public reviews of Magento online, you'll find a frequently mentioned complaint—Magento is known to have many issues that end users find create a challenging environment and make it difficult for them to be thrilled. Most Magento deployments require development skills (or hiring a developer) for it to become passable as a distributor e-commerce system.  

The Aldrich Approach

Since 2004, Aldrich Web Solutions has worked exclusively with distributors focused on B2B sales. Our WebAlliance e-commerce solutions are purpose-built for the distribution industry and not for generic retail, like Magento is. We know that most distributors are not computer programmers, nor should they have to be. Developer skills are not required to use our systems.

We pride ourselves in being a team of talented computer programmers and web developers with an expertise in ERP-integrated e-commerce in the distribution industry. We'll handle all the back-end development and ERP integration with your WebAlliance e-commerce site so you can focus on running your business and serving your customers. 

 We bring user friendliness to WebAlliance through things like our intuitive site navigation, easy to use drag-and-drop page builder and content management system. Both our customers and their customers alike have given us positive feedback on our user-friendliness. 

See for yourself: 

"Constant improvements to the product make it more user friendly each year." -Will R., Benmark Supply Co.

"MUCH MORE User friendly than P21 e-commerce application."                  -Rob R., Midwest Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.

"Our old website was not user friendly. We had a lot of complaints about the site. Our customers love the new site. It's easy to use and looks great." -Lauren A., Preferred Medical

"The interface is much more user friendly and intuitive and the checkout process is much easier. It is a much cleaner looking website than we had previously." -Eric B., Regional Supply

"WebAlliance has created and perfected a powerful tool. They are intuitively focused on what the e-commerce consumer expects from a website, and it shows in the features they offer. They are up-to-date on technology trends and translate that savvy into functional features online. It's a user-friendly tool and a flawless implementation. They seem to have literally thought of everything."   -Mandy S., Regional Supply

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