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What Is A Product Information Management System (PIM)?

Product Information Management, or PIM, is a resource that works to unify, simplify, and optimize the management of your company's product data. Acting as a central hub, a PIM system handles the heavy lifting of managing large volumes of product data from various sources, data imports and data exports, and ensures uniformity in your data. It's more than just a management tool; it's a quality controller that results in a significant reduction in errors, a jump in productivity, and delivery of trustworthy product information to your customers.

A PIM system doesn't just stop at managing and improving data. It allows for swift product onboarding and a faster time to market, providing a competitive advantage for your distributorship. It's also a tool for enriching your customer experience by delivering detailed, consistent product content across various sales channels. It offers a single source of product information updates and ensures everyone is on the same page with up-to-date product information.

To sum it up, a PIM system is a key solution that allows you to focus on managing your distributorship vs. spending endless hours working on product content, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and more efficiency for your team.

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Efficient, Hassle-Free Product Information Management

Managing product information doesn't have to be painful. PIM-Enterprise provides everything you need to effectively manage your product information without the headaches.

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Distribution Product Information Management Made Simple

PIM Enterprise helps your distributorship save time when managing product information. Instead of spending hours trying to build and arrange item data, PIM Enterprise can help you accomplish the same task in minutes!

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Benefits of a PIM to
Manage Product Information Do you struggle to quickly and easily manage your data?

  PIM Enterprise Manual Data File ERP User Defined Fields
Manage product categories, item attributes and specifications, category images, and category featured items
Sync with your ERP items
Sync product data with WebAlliance
Import excel documents
Supports multiple simultaneous users managing product information
Live update your website product info on demand
Export information to use in other systems (e.g. eBay, paper catalogue, etc.)
Centrally manage and mass update multiple product descriptions
Centrally manage and mass update multiple product images
Centrally manage and mass update product attributes
Centrally manage and mass update product tags
Centrally manage and mass update multiple product documents (spec sheets, MSDS, instructions, etc.)
Centrally manage and mass update miscellaneous product info (e.g. brand name, search keywords, etc.)
Centrally manage and mass update flex fields for maximum flexibility
Drag and drop picture and document management
Drag and Drop category assignment
Import product data from various document formats and manufacturer files
Smart Edit for mass editing while creating unique descriptions
Manage product information for WebAlliance and WebAlliance Mobile
Avoid messy user defined fields and ERP data bloat
API integration for remote data inquiry
Web View option for viewing product info

Core Features

ERP Integration

PIM-Enterprise starts with data from your Prophet21 or TrulinX ERP system.

Flexibile Data Import

Easily import data from a variety of sources in a variety of formats.

Bulk Edit with Wizard

Edit multiple items at one time and generate unique descriptions using the Wizard

Publish and Export Data

Control when you publish data to your website and export data for use in other platforms

Manage Categories & Attributes

Assign item categories and attributes quickly and easily across multiple items per category

Ranked Item Lists

PIM allows you to work via ranked items to help ensure the most value for your time

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