How often do recurring charges change?

The frequency of price changes is a valid question we hear from distributors considering WebAlliance e-commerce for Prophet21 and TrulinX.

Most of our customers have prices that are locked in for 1 to 3 years. Depending on the length of your agreement, the hosting and support prices will be evaluated at the end of this period.

We work hard to keep prices as flat as possible

Factors that can influence prices are things such as:

  • Licensing costs from Microsoft of other providers
  • Internet pricing
  • Prices of Colocation facilities
  • Rising wage costs
  • Other factors that are often beyond our control
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How to Plan

We understand that no one likes increasing rates and so when our renewal rates come up, we shop for the best value to make sure that we can, in turn, pass those savings on to our customers.

That said, we recommend customers plan for a 2% - 4% increase per year. We make this recommendation based on the increases we have seen in the costs we are charged for licenses by Microsoft and others.