Integrated E-Commerce Platform for Prophet21®

WebAlliance websites help Prophet21® distributors by providing B2B and B2C web sites integrated with Prophet 21.

Is your current web platform failing to meet the needs of your customers? We can help you delight your customers online.

Our solution was created from the ground up to be an integrated e-commerce platform. WebAlliance E-Commerce is not just another 'storefront' that has been adapted to show P21 products. It was made for the distribution industry to integrate deeply into the ERP system and service the special needs of distributors.

WebAlliance supports Prophet21 Azure, Prophet21 Hosted, and Prophet21 on-premise.
You owe it to your business to check out how we can help you create a powerful online sales channel for your customers.

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Prophet21® Integration

WebAlliance E-commerce was made to work with ERPs such as Prophet21 by design.

Our E-Commerce Solution offers benefits that customers value. It allows you to serve your clients by becoming an online sales channel. Now you can leverage information that has been previously hidden away from your users in your P21 system allowing customers to shop online, get customer service, check inventory, find products, view history and much more.

  • Custom, Unique, User Friendly Designs with mobile friendly options.
  • Deep integration with P21 including pricing, inventory, orders, invoicing, history, and more.
  • No need to manually enter orders, orders are imported safely into P21.
  • Ongoing support to keep your website working through P21 upgrades.

Core Features

Powerful E-Commerce

Want to sell online? We integrate into your existing inventory system or we can set up a new one for you. No matter where you are in your business plan, if it involves selling on the web, we can help.

Deep Integration

The WebAlliance E-Commerce platform delivers product informaton, real-time inventory, pricing, customer account information, & much more from your P21 or Acclaim system.

Dynamic Content

All of our sites include an integrated content management system. Use the content management system to create marketing pages, Google AdWords landing pages, specialized product pages and more.

Custom/Responsive Design

Our in-house team can create a website design that is unique to you and tailored to your specific needs. Responsive designs are standard, allowing your site to look its best on mobile devices.

Customer Service

We believe in customer service, the ole' fashion way. The question isn't really "if" you'll need support, it is when. And "when" that time arrives, you want to be sure that your issues will be resolved promptly.

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