What Are the Payment Terms for a WebAlliance Website?

When customers decide WebAlliance and Aldrich Web Solutions are a good fit for their Prophet21 or TrulinX distributorship, one of the first questions we are asked is: when I sign a contract, what are the payment terms?

We understand that this is a significant project, so we try to make the terms of the project easy to understand and fair.

A WebAlliance contract will have terms as follows:

  • 33% due at contract signing
  • 33% due at 50 days following our project kickoff
  • 33% due at 100 days following our project kickoff
  • Hosting and support fees begin 50 days following our project kickoff
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Hosting Fees

Sometimes we are asked why hosting fees begin before the last payment. Hosting and Support starts then because, at that stage, we are hosting a beta website for you. The beta website allows you to see your website and work on it before it is live.

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