Customer Service Policy

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Aldrich Electronic Service & Support, Inc. operates under a trade name of Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc.

Aldrich Electronic Service & Support customers receive free technical support for hosting services. Our support team is staffed by individuals with several years of experience in domain hosting, programming, web design, and ecommerce. We invite you to take advantage of our technical assistance.

Reseller clients who contact us for support will be referred to their Reseller.

Requests for support are addressed in order of highest priority, then in the order which they were received. Reports of email and site service outages take priority over general support inquiries. Aldrich Electronic Service & Support reserves the right to re-define the priority and order of response for all support requests. Generally, issues are resolved the same business day. Technical support is provided on a "priority" basis and you may experience delays at times. Aldrich Electronic Service & Support does not guarantee any specific response time or resolution time for support requests.

Aldrich Electronic Service & Support Representatives do not provide support for:
  • Third party applications (Microsoft Office programs, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat)
  • Scripts that are not provided as part of our hosting services, or that we specifically indicate we do not support.
  • Services that are not provided as part of our hosting services.
  • Software or hardware issues on your computer.
  • Problems or conflicts with your Internet Service Provider (internet connection) services.

Aldrich Electronic Service & Support Representatives cannot provide in-depth end-user training for the use of third-party applications. We are able to assist you if you are having a problem, but we cannot teach you how to use the program, how to design web pages, or how to develop your own scripts. We recommend that you use our Knowledge Base, consult the support options provided by the application vendor. Optionally Aldrich Electronic Service & Support, Inc. can provide Webmaster assistance for a fee. Please contact or call 618-364-0035 for more information.