Does your distributorship need more sales?

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Website costing customers frustration

Is your website costing you customers?

Are your customers complaining about a poor website experience?
Are you worried about losing business to the competition?

It doesn't have to be that way.
You can have a Prophet21 integrated website that is both easy to use and drives sales.

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Aldrich Web Solutions helps distributorships

For over 15 years, we've worked exclusively with distributors and already have solutions in place to rid your frustrations with e-commerce.


Provide customers specific inventory and pricing data from your P21 or TrulinX ERP system through deep integration.


Allow your users to experience customer services 24 hours a day. Order tracking, past invoices, statements, backorder status, and more.


Easily create web pages targeted at specific customer groups. Get the attention of Google, and set up SEO via our easy to use admin interface.


Sell to your customers anywhere through our mobile-responsive site design and Prophet 21 mobile e-commerce app.


Allow your clients to easily order items online and have those orders automatically import into your ERP system.


Don't miss a single opportunity to engage your customers in a rich, modern, and user-friendly online experience.

We know how important your website is to your distributorship.

Great websites that work seamlessly with your back office shouldn't be out of reach.

We create user friendly websites that sell so that you can compete and win online. For over 15 years, Aldrich Web Solutions has been creating unique, integrated e-commerce solutions with P21 and other ERP systems, powering e-commerce, and helping companies like yours create an online sales and support channel.

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Prophet 21® Integration

E-Commerce for Prophet21 is a specialty here at Aldrich Web Solutions. We offer a complete Prophet 21 B2B Seller alternative replacement to help Prophet21 users gain value from B2B and B2C integrated Prophet 21 web sites.

  • Deeply integrated with Epicor® Prophet21
  • Complete Prophet 21 B2B Seller alternative replacement
  • Full design, integration, consulting, implementation, hosting, and support services in one fixed, up front, price.
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Become a part of the Aldrich Web Solutions family, and join the growing ranks of companies that are proud to call us home.

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Become one of the many clients we have helped win and compete online.

"Our new WebAlliance website from Aldrich is amazing. The implementation process from start to finish ran very smoothly. I don't see why any Epicor / P21 user would not want to use Aldrich for their ecommerce website."
Eric B, Online Sales Manager
Regional Supply
"...our new website looks great, is quick, easy to use, and the search functionality works wonders! And, our web-sales have doubled in the past year since going from P21/Epicor's B2B site to our Aldrich website."
Anthony L., IT Administrator
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