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At Aldrich Web Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch e-commerce solutions tailored specifically for B2B distributors. Our platform has been designed to address the unique needs of the industry and help our clients thrive in a competitive market.

But don't just take our word for it – read on to discover the success stories of our satisfied customers.

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Why our Customers Love Aldrich

“The main standout that separates Aldrich from others is their focus on user experience and the customer journey. From admin to end user, WebAlliance has been a game changer for our eCommerce site.”

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"The process in setting up our website with Aldrich Solutions was as smooth as could be. Aldrich's team was incredibly helpful and friendly, always willing to work with us and answer questions, and always flexibile when called upon!"

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They took the expectations we had for our web store and took them even higher. Working with Aldrich on our website was a pleasant process. Their team was very kind, and you can tell they hire the right people for the job.

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“…ease of use, increased speed, and a logical layout has made our site much more intuitive, plus has many more options for customers to shop and manage their history, invoices, etc. The percentage of orders placed on the web grew from approx. 9% to 17% in less than a year!”

Dick T. - Masterman's

“More than half of our orders are entered via the website… this [WebAlliance] has exceeded our expectations! Your company does not seem to rest. I see product improvements, new features, and "push" to improve.”

Scott T. - Midwest Equipment

"We have steadily increased business as it has allowed customers to search products and information, even increasing sales on items customers were not aware we even carried!"

Richard J. - Jugenheimer
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“[Aldrich Web Solutions] were upfront and clear about what the platform could do and provided a plan and all the tools needed. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and bring not only technical skills but a great business sense as well. We highly recommend them as a partner!”

Steve P. - Techmet-Carbide

“Our website looks amazing…loading pages smoothly and quickly 100% of the time. The biggest compliments we’ve received are how well the search works, our sales team mentioned that it works better than our P21 System!”

Austin H. - Unicoa

“We no longer have to outsource website marketing/design or fumble with complicated content management systems, the WebAlliance platform is so easy to work with that we can quickly make product changes, update messaging and create striking content on our own.”

Rachel C. - Colker Janitorial
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"From beginning to end the overall process was smoother and easier than we had hoped for... The response we have received has been tremendous. From the layout to the new ecommerce platform to the new quote and information request platform, it has all been met with positive reviews and approval."

Paul S. - Taylor Enterprises, Inc.

“We went live with them and these guys are about as legit as it gets in the web development/ERP integration business. Setup and implementation were seamless. First class product and first class organization.”

John D. - Outdoor Equiment Distributors

"The overall experience working with Aldrich is fantastic. Heath and his team do a tremendous job of responding to requests, answering questions, and confidence in the reliability of their products. Thank you for everything you do."

Derek G. - Main Electric Supply Co.
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Aldrich Solutions Brings Southern Lock to Its Full Potential with E-commerce for Distributors

Learn how changing times inspired one business to take its website to the next level:

"Having an App seems to give immediate legitimacy to our business for new and uncertain customers. We have many less calls from accounting... The overall experience with Aldrich has been outstanding and it easier than I could imagine."

Brandon D. - Austin Hose

"The site performance and reliability have been very good. I also have to complement the support team; they are always quick to respond to any issues we run into. I would highly recommend the Aldrich WebAlliance solution."

Scott M. - Cinderella, Inc.

"Aldrich was very knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs, which made it a smooth launch and support. I really like the contant updating and enhancements to the back-end and front-end capabilities."

Bill A. - Abbott Rubber Company, Inc.
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"The staff at Aldrich is very knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to assist with any portal setup or problem that may arise... We have found with our new portal is a better customer relationship & ability to take car of their needs more quickly. Highly recommend this solution."

Chuck H. - Hydraulic Controls

"My customers love the site; it really speeds the order process through our ERP. It continues to be an excellent experience..."

Dennis C. - Clock Medical

Aldrich was a great help with our new website from start to finish. They were always willing to help with any problems or questions and very quick in doing so."

Eric B. - Regional Supply
Aldrich Sales Team at NAHAD 2023

"Their customer service and developers are very knowledeable and easy to work with. They are incredibly quick to respond to questions and issues..."

Jackie T. - Hayes Pump

"We recommend doing business with Aldrich Web Solutions because they offer such a complete product... Of all the service/support agreements Skarda pays for, Aldrich is by far the best value for the money."

Joseph D. - Skarda Equipment Company, Inc.

"The staff was very attentive to our needs and any issues were typically resolved within 20 minutes. They were all very easy to work with."

Keith G. - Wojanis Hydraulic Supply
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How WebAlliance E-Commerce helped modernize a 45-year-old distribution company

WebAlliance is committed to ensuring that your customers feel valued and satisfied at every step of their journey. This dedication to exceptional customer service is what sets WebAlliance apart in the competitive landscape of B2B e-commerce solutions.

"Flexibility and attention to detail during the design process was very key to us. We really love our end product."

Will R. - Benmark Supply Company, Inc.

"From our intial communication with Aldrich Web Solutions, the experience was exceptional. To say all our expectations were met would be an understatement."

Daniel J. - Winstel Controls, Inc.

"The search engine they have is fantastic and is what our customers mostly use to find what they're after... We are always excited to see what new features they are working on to increase the functionality of their products."

Lynn S. - Northwest Scientific, Inc.

"Customer support has been prompt and very helpful... truly world class."

Kevin B. - Amifast

"We did a lot of research on which company to use and it paid off when we chose Aldrich. The Implementation Team was awesome. They really know what they're doing and truly want to help however they can. We love the site's layout and features. Customers have given good reviews and we still have more content to add. We highly recommend Aldrich and would be glad to answer questions to help people make their decision."

George G. - R.A. Graham Co, Inc
Aldrich Web Solutions office Aldrich Developers talking

Embrace the Power of WebAlliance for Your B2B Distribution Business

The testimonials shared above demonstrate the wide range of benefits that our satisfied WebAlliance customers have experienced. If you're ready to see what our tailored e-commerce solution can do for your B2B distribution business, don't hesitate to reach out.

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