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What are Optional Modules, and why are they Optional?

Optional modules are pieces of functionality in WebAlliance e-Commerce for Prophet21 and TrulinX that allow our customers to add website capabilities to their system. Each module has a price associated and, depending on the module, may include a recurring hosting and support fee.

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Modules can include almost any kind of functionality

For example, one of our modules is the Sponsored Search module. With this set of functionality, website operators can show targeted ads of their choosing to customers based on keyword searches or category browsing.

This allows your WebAlliance website to promote a vendor, brand, item, or category to an end user. This is especially helpful when you are trying to showcase a new vendor, adding a house brand of a popular item, or when a brand is willing to pay to be featured on your website.

Why are they optional?

Modules are optional so that we can allow customers the choice to tailor their website to their needs. If they were not optional, it would require that all sites have all functionality whether it would be used or not. This would mean the cost of WebAlliance would be much higher, and it would represent less value to your business.

Not all modules are optional; some modules are included in our WebAlliance packages.

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