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Specializing in Profit 21® and Trulinx

What Aldrich Stands For

Listen and you'll often hear what people are against... we want to share what we are FOR! We believe that having a partner that is FOR you means you will win... and when you win, we win.

  • We are FOR distributors finding success online - whether that includes us or not
  • We are FOR you working efficiently and NOT having to waste your time
  • We are FOR helping our customers compete against much larger competitors and WIN
  • We are FOR serving our customers with kindness and caring about helping, not just answering questions
  • We are FOR having a team of nice people who are treated well and who treat others well
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Aldrich Web Solutions

Aldrich Web Solutions,

a Business Unit of Cordance Operations LLC

Since 2004, Aldrich Web Solutions has been creating unique integrated business e-commerce solutions, powering e-commerce, and helping companies do business online. E-Commerce web development has always been a focus, especially integrated e-commerce systems that are tied into ERP systems. 

Since 2004, Aldrich Solutions has been building sites and integrating them with Epicor Prophet21®, Epicor Acclaim, and others. For the last several years, the primary focus of Aldrich Web Solutions has been strongly on e-commerce systems that integrate tightly with Epicor Prophet 21. These systems now power millions of dollars in transactions every month and supply thousands of users with critical information day and night. 

Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc has continued to grow their flagship product, WebAlliance, into more than just a simple e-commerce system. WebAlliance is now a very useful content management system, as well as a robust search engine built into the product. The WebAlliance product is continually enhanced by adding new features and modernizing the look and feel. 

 In order to best serve their customers, Aldrich partnered with TierPoint (formerly Colo4) in 2007. TierPoint provides a 1st class colocation facility where our e-commerce hosting servers are located. This arrangement gives Aldrich access to over 50 Gigabits of Premium Internet service, 24/7 Security, and the best power availability and redundancy available. 

Though Aldrich Web Solutions has grown, they have not allowed their focus to shift from the fact that service is what they really sell... you have many options, and they believe you'll stay with Aldrich Web Solutions because you'll be delighted with the way you're treated.

Our History


Aldrich Web Solutions

Aldrich Web Solutions began as a part time venture (then known as Aldrich Electronic Service & Support).


E-Commerce Sites

Aldrich Solutions begins building sites and integrating them with Activant Prophet 21, Activant Acclaim, and others.


Name Change

The name was changed to reflect that the company didn't actually work on DVD players... the calls for electronic repair were driving everyone insane!


Hosting Servers Moved to Tierpoint

We moved our e-commerce hosting servers to TierPoint, a first class colocation facility that provides our customers with superior hosting. This arrangement gives AES access to over 50 Gigabits of Premium Internet service, 24/7 Security, and the best power availability and redundancy available.



Aldrich Web Solutions continues to grow in size, and relocates from Oklahoma to Marion, Illinois.


Office Expansion

Aldrich added about 600 sq ft of space to accommodate extra staff and room to grow and serve our customers better.


WebAlliance v7.0

We released WebAlliance version 7, featuring our new Content Builder and other new powerful features.


WebAlliance Mobile App

We introduced our new P21 integrated e-Commerce mobile app product, WebAlliance Mobile, to allow our customers sell online in the ever-growing mobile app environment.


Major Remodel and Relocation

We relocated to a newly remodeled building approximately one mile northwest of our previous location. We needed space to grow, and the new location more than doubled the size of our existing location!

Online Invoice Payments

Added a new Optional Module for WebAlliance to allow customers to pay their invoices online.


WebAlliance Customer Portal

Introduced a new Online Customer Service Portal powered by WebAlliance. A powerful solution that empowers your customers with self-service capabilities and real-time ERP data for their most common inquiries, accessible round the clock.


Salesrep Portal (App)

Introduced a new WebAlliance Module for Salesreps that provides real-time data directly from your ERP for sales teams on-the-go.


Acumatica ERP Integration

Aldrich has integrated with a new ERP, allowing us to serve more Distributorships than ever before!

Cordance aquires Aldrich

Aldrich Web Solutions enters agreement to be acquired by
Cordance Operations LLC.

How We're Different

At Aldrich Web Solutions the main thing you can expect to find is customer service.  Yes, we do specialize in a highly technical industry, but we still believe that the key to good business is top notch customer service.

We believe in some basic principles that we think you'll appreciate:

  • You deserve the best customer service and to be treated with the utmost courtesy at all times.
  • We tell you what costs to expect up front, and address any questions you might have.
  • We'll take the time required to talk with you and deliver fast, professional responses to your concerns or problems.
  • You deserve to have a phone number to call for help,
    and we believe in answering those calls!
How We're Different