Fair Access Policy

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Fair Access Policy

To ensure that all clients have fair and equal access to the benefits of the Aldrich Web Solutions' hosting and support services, we have enacted a Fair Access Policy (FAP).

The Fair Access Policy (FAP) is intended to prevent excessive consumption of both human and technical resources by a handful of users. Our systems will use automated processes to control and potentially block access which is deemed to be potentially harmful to the successful operation of our services.  This may include traffic from legitimate sources if the traffic is potentially harmful to or causing overloads of various systems.  We encourage our customers to view our crawling recommendations in the WebAlliance manuals.

This policy is administered based on an analysis of usage of hosting data, storage data, bandwidth data, other utilization patterns, and technical support service utilization patterns that exceed the normal collective thresholds. Aldrich Web Solutions desires a fair and equitable service level for all clients and desires to operate within normal ranges for all clients, however, we know that excessive utilization of our resources can be unsustainable over time. 

Excessive utilization of resources (including but not limited to: server resources, support resources, support personnel, storage resources, bandwidth resources, etc) in violation of the FAP may result in increased service and support fees, increased hosting fees, additional costs, limits (or throttling) on various aspects of services, or in extreme cases, termination of services offered by Aldrich Web Solutions.

This policy is not limited to service resources, but also includes any resource (including personnel) provided or made available by Aldrich.