Does Your Salesforce Struggle to Get the Right Customer Information?

Do your sales reps spend valuable sales time trying to get key information for a sales call?

Do your sales teams struggle with the inability to easily enter an order when they are out of the office?

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Sales teams can serve customers better by having all the client information they need in one easy-to-access place, such as:

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Mobile-First Design

Created for sales teams On-the-Go

The Salesrep Module provides real-time data from your ERP directly to your salesreps.

If you are a salesrep and you rely on your mobile device, the Salesrep Module was developed for you.  It provides an excellent experience on your desktop, phone, or table so it is easy to use wherever you are.

Easily Access Customer Info and Enter Customer Orders


Salesrep Order Entry

Has your sales team ever needed to place an order from the field?  Do you struggle with sending that request in an email or trying to send a picture of a difficult hand-written list?

The Salesrep Module empowers your sales team with familiar order entry from the field.  Salesrep order entry was created to use the familiar order pattern starting with the customer ship-to items.  

Your sales team can add items from the ERP even if they are not available online, change pricing, view item cost and inventory details, etc.  Salesrep order entries allows options that cannot be made available to public customers via the online shopping cart.


Customer Overview

The Salesrep Module provides an at-a-glance customer overview page to your reps so that they can quickly view a customer's account and gain an understanding of sales, AP, and credit status. 

The at-a-glance charts allow  your sales team to see how a customer's sales are tracking year over year.


Customer Sales Info

The Salesrep Module details customer sales info (with filtering by ship-to) so that your salesreps never have to guess if an order was placed, what kind of sales volume a customer is producing, or what orders are open.

The Salesrep Module for WebAlliance puts all this information in the palm of your sales team's hands.

*Requires ERP API for pricing.

Customer Quote Info

Similar to order information, the Salesrep Module allows quick access to customer quotes.  This allows the salesrep to easily view a quote and convert it to an order.


Customer Receivables Info

A core conversation of many customer visits is the status of receivables from the customer.

Your sales team will have at-a-glance access to the customer's outstanding balance as well as access to invoice details to help receivables conversations go more smoothly.

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No need to call the office to get customer data

Customer Information

A salesrep on a sales call benefits from having customer information at their fingertips.

Information such as typical terms, account status, credit status, notes, and more make it quick and easy to get the information required to serve the customer effectively and efficiently when out of the office.


Customer Code Management

Most sales reps manage the same customer accounts.  The Salesrep Module enables your salespeople to add and edit the list of accounts for the customers they need to access.

This provides quick and easy access to all their customers and allows for friendly nicknames rather than memorizing customer codes.


Selectable Customer Codes

We know your salespeople serve multiple customers.  The Salesrep Module easily allows your team to enter, select, and manage the customer codes they use in serving their clients.

Your salesreps don't need to contact an admin to select or use a new customer code, saving them valuable time and adding convenience.


Selectable Customer Ship-To

Your customers often have many ship-to's associated with their customer code.

The Salesrep Module allows your reps to filter out transactions to a specific ship-to so they don't have to wade through mounds of data to find the piece of information they are looking for.



When traveling, sometimes it is easy to get lost.

The Salesrep Module allows your salesreps to quickly get directions to your customer's location via Google Maps.


Detailed Item Info, Cost, Inventory, Suppliers, and POs

Your salesreps can access much more product information than online customers using the Salesrep Module.  This allows them to provide details to their customer with ease saving time and effort to serve their clients.

Your sales team can see costs, detailed inventory views (including allocations, etc), cost information, supplier information, and more.

The Salesrep Module provides quick access to information that would have otherwise required a phone call or other hassle to retrieve.


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The Salesrep Module was designed to save time, increase efficiency, and give your salesreps the competitive advantage needed to win in today's business environment.

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The Salesrep Module is available as part of WebAlliance e-commerce or WebAlliance  Express Portal