About Aldrich Web Solutions a Business Unit of Cordance Operations LLC

Aldrich Web Solutions has been in the business of providing e-commerce solutions for distributors since 2004. Before that, Heath Aldrich (our founder) worked for a distribution company. He noticed that not only were e-commerce integration options limited but that none of the available options were designed with distributors in mind. This inspired him to build WebAlliance from the ground up providing distributors with a valuable and efficient system that helps them save time & grow their business.

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How big is your team?

The Aldrich Web Solutions team, located in Marion, IL is currently 14 (as of 2023), but we are still growing. Our team is made up of Customer Experience Experts, Implementation and Project Managers, Developers, Designers, Sales, and Administration with the common goal of providing distributors services that leverage technology to grow their business.

Do you Outsource your work?

We handle our work in-house from our office in Marion, Illinois. Our Customer Experience team, web developers, designers, sales staff, and implementation coaches are all under the same roof. This allows us the freedom to communicate and collaborate providing you the best product, functionality, and support.

How many customers do you have?

The exact numbers are always changing, but we have a lot of active distribution customers using Prophet21 and TrulinX around the United States and Canada. We serve a wide variety of different vertical markets, but with the common denominator of Distribution. Most of our distributors utilize Prophet 21 or TrulinX as their ERP system.

Are most of your customers B2B or B2C?

WebAlliance is developed specifically FOR distributors, which makes most of our customers B2B. We do have the functionality to serve B2C users and many of our clients utilize that.