Are there recurring costs?

Maintaining a website integrated with your ERP requires ongoing updates. Your ERP system will be updated from time to time, and it is important that your WebAlliance website continue to work across those updates.

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Monthly Hosting and Supporting Costs

WebAlliance does have recurring monthly hosting and support costs.
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Your business is complex

On occasion, you will have questions about how something with your website works. We continue to hire and retain amazing customer experience representatives to answer those calls.  Would you like to work with customers, helping people, solving problems, and answering questions? If so, contact us.

Constantly working for you

In addition to our customer experience team, it takes considerable effort to continue to improve and update WebAlliance over time. Our team of developers is constantly working to bring you amazing features that wow your customers and make you their first choice as their distributor. If you're a developer interested in e-commerce, reach out to us.


Finally, the servers, facility, security, power, and internet access required to host WebAlliance on the internet is also a factor in recurring costs. Our hosting infrastructure is top-notch and hosted at a top-tier colocation facility (Tierpoint) in St. Louis, MO.

This facility offers us state-of-the-art security, reliable power, and redundant internet access. We own the hosting equipment we use to host WebAlliance and our private cloud is made up of many servers that allow us to offer a fast, dependable, and first-class experience to your website users.


The recurring costs of WebAlliance allow us to continue to offer best-in-class support and an amazing user experience for you and your customers.

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