Best B2B Ecommerce Platform and Comparison

Does your distributorship rely on B2B Ecommerce to drive business, strengthen relationships, and serve customers online?
WebAlliance is the best B2B Ecommerce system available to distributors...

Best Ecommerce for Distributors - WebAlliance

Best Ecommerce for Distributors - WebAlliance

Built for distribution

  • WebAlliance ecommerce wasn't built for retail and adapted to serve distributors.
  • Most systems were built for retail and B2B for distributors are an afterthought.
  • Your business deserves and experience tailored to serve your distributorship.

Supported by distribution experts

  • WebAlliance is supported by people who understand distribution.
  • Our support is based in Marion, IL, US and convenient to reach.
  • Our team is trained to help distributors succeed and solve problems.

Integrated to your ERP

  • Your distributorship cannot have effective ecommerce without deep ERP integration.
  • WebAlliance was built to be integrated from day 1
  • Serve customers with specific pricing, live inventory, invoice, order info, and more

Compare with

Magento Ecommerce

Magento Ecommerce

Not built for distribution

  • Magento was made for small shops needing e-commerce for their retail endeavor.
  • Magento was built for hundreds of items, vs. hundreds of thousands of items.
  • Magento doesn't natively understand the needs of a distributorship

Support by 'technical' staff

  • Tech support for Magento, if you can get it, is offered by 'computer people'
  • Tech support may be based in a variety of countries outside the US.
  • Tech support often has no idea what distribution customization has been done.
  • Tech support often has no idea the needs and challenges of distribution

Not built for integration

  • Magento is usually not integrated making integration an unusual item
  • Magento has no idea about key data from your ERP system
  • Magento customer portals must be heavily cusotmized to get ERP info
  • Basic items like ERP Invoices, tracking, and inventory are often missing

Is Magento the best
b2b E-Commerce Platform?