Enterprise Pricing

Our enterprise e-commerce and portal offerings power your distributorship and eliminate INTEGRATION HASSLES, deepen customer relationships, and drive growth, and eliminate integration hassles.

Many factors go into the cost of an integrated e-commerce project

Costs can vary based on line items such as custom design theme (e.g. look and feel) vs. a themed template. The specific features implemented on the site can also have an impact on the cost. The modules selected, their details, and their complexity also contribute to the overall cost.

The specific integration and ERP platform contribute to the cost of implementation and recurring fees. Prophet21, Acumatica, and TrulinX all have varying requirements to integrate into their ERP platforms.

For more information about the cost and investment factors of a WebAlliance e-commerce website, please see our detailed page here: "How much does a WebAlliance integrated website cost".

How long does it take to implement an integrated e-commerce project?

The integration time required depends on the specific product you select. For instance, an online customer service portal could be implemented in 2 weeks or less, whereas an integrated e-commerce platform typically takes about 20 weeks.

For more information about our guided implementation process, please see our detailed page here: "Initial Implementation and Setup".