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Prophet21 Mobile eCommerce App Now with mobile Marketing Push Notifications
Now with Mobile Marketing Push Notifications!
Engage even more with your customers by using WebAlliance Mobile's built-in custom push notifications.
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Mobile App Benefits

Fastest Performance

Apps are faster than their mobile-friendly website counterparts.

Most User-Friendly

Apps provide a native user experience to the user for maximum ease of use.

Shared App/Web Experience

Shared carts, logins, accounts, etc. provide easy cross-platform user access.

Click To Call

Mobile apps provide the convenience of click-to-call functions for easy communication.

Customer Convenience

Users have access to your brand from anywhere at a computer or on the road.

Mobile Hardware Access

Mobile apps take advantage of the device features such as camera access, Face ID, etc.

Chat Express Integration

Provide your customers real-time chat access to your team with Chat Express integration.

GPS/Location Navigation

Using the device's built in GPS, you can provide easy guidance to your physical locations.

Best Mobile Experience

The app experience is the easiest way to access your brand when away from a computer.

Greater Brand Exposure

Your users see your brand every time they browse the apps on their devices.

Improved Customer Loyalty

With increased easy access, users don't need to turn to your competitor's app for a spot buy.

Competitive Edge

Users prefer apps to mobile-friendly sites; having an app provides differentiation for your brand.

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Keep Your Brand Top of Mind How Much Is Space In Your Customer's Conscience Worth?

When a customer installs your app, consider that they are now 'renting' you space on their personal, private device.  Every time they scroll through their apps, your brand is there.

Imagine this, a customer is looking for a competitor's app and is scrolling through their apps... even though you may not have been top of mind, your app icon now has the opportunity to remind them that you exist, that you are available to help, and that your brand is just a touch away.

The idea of having your brand on such a personal and private consumer device is a highly valuable opportunity.

E-Commerce Shopping Made Easy

  • Integrated Mobile App for your ERP

    WebAlliance Mobile is deeply integrated to Prophet21, Acumatica and TrulinX to allow your customers to shop online, with access to pricing, inventory, order tracking, and more!

  • Easy Mobile Shopping

    WebAlliance Mobile uses the power of the WebAlliance Search Engine to help customers quickly find relevant items that they are looking for.

  • Liberate Your Salesforce

    Your outside sales staff can serve your customers more efficiently using the Salesrep tools to view open invoices, recent orders, and more.

ERP Mobile App Integration, Prophet21 Mobile App, Easy Mobile Shopping, Liberate your Salesforce

Mobile E-Commerce app integrated with your ERP

Whether you are trying to serve clients via their mobile phones, help your sales staff be more effective, or get your business found in the Google and Apple App stores, the WebAlliance Mobile can help you.

Aldrich Web Solutions has worked with distributors across the nation as both e-Commerce experts and a trusted source on Prophet21, Acumatica, and TrulinX integrated websites. We are now bringing those same years of expertise and understanding of distribution to many users each day via WebAlliance Mobile. The results of the WebAlliance Mobile App by Aldrich Web Solutions has been incredible.

WebAlliance Mobile is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices. WebAlliance Mobile is a powerful mobile e-commerce experience for your users. It focuses on an easy user experience with powerful search to help users find what they are looking for quickly.

WebAlliance Mobile is an app integrated into Prophet 21 and allows your users to see:

  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • ERP Specific Inventory
  • Recent Company Purchases
  • Order Tracking
  • Detailed Item Information
  • and more!

Prophet21 integration with a mobile app means that customer orders will be automatically imported into your Prophet 21 system making your process more efficient, eliminating double key work, and reducing errors.

The mobile app eCommerce market represents 6.5 billion dollars as of 2017. Your users will find it easy to use your app to quickly pick up spot buys, check order tracking, and more. You can become your users’ go-to source for both routine and spur of the moment purchase at the touch of a screen.

Your users demand a fast and friendly experience, and WebAlliance Mobile delivers. WebAlliance Mobile was built from the ground-up to serve distributors like you. Aldrich Web Solutions specializes in serving the distribution market and has helped many distributors like you find great online success.

To get started with WebAlliance Mobile:

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  3. Tell your users about your new App

We have taken an otherwise very complicated process and we have made it easy. Mobile apps shouldn’t only be available to Fortune 500 companies. You now have an affordable, easy option to compete and win in the Apple and Google app stores.

Without an app, you are missing out on business every day. WebAlliance Mobile will allow you to tap into an e-commerce market that has amazing potential. You can have your share of that business and win online!

  1. Distributors with a WebAlliance Website

    If you are already a WebAlliance customer, you will be able to get your new app service up and running in a matter of weeks. No drawn out process, simply sign up and start selling via the App stores.

  2. Distributors with no Website

    If you currently have no site, you can still have an app in the App stores. Contact us today and we can explain the simple process that can have you competing in the App Stores quickly.

  3. Distributors who want to serve more customers

    No matter the current state of your website (even if you have a mobile friendly site), if you want to serve more customers, win more business, and sell more online, the WebAlliance Mobile app represents a great opportunity.

ERP Mobile eCommerce App

Why WebAlliance Mobile for my ERP?

  • 1

    Mobile E-Commerce is a huge market and has potential to transform many distributorships. Recent surveys indicate that it would likely cost over $100,000 to have an app such as WebAlliance Mobile built.

  • 2

    We understand what it is like to be David in Goliath’s world, but we think it's wrong for you not to be able to compete and grow your distributorship that in many cases has been a generational effort.

  • 3

    We understand that you are being pressed and pursued by competitors daily. You should have access to the tools that the "big boys" have! That is why we’ve made WebAlliance Mobile; to help you succeed, compete, and win.

  • 4

    We’ve built WebAlliance Mobile to be affordable so that you can focus on running your distributorship and serving customers; and WebAlliance Mobile mobile app can be your representative on your clients' phones every day, 24/7.

Take your sales off the chart

We have seen many clients double their online sales using our well-known WebAlliance E-Commerce system. With the app market as hot as it is, you can get your share of those sales and serve your customers wherever they are.

So why wait?

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Serve customer with Mobile e-commerce for Prophet21

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