Give customers answers at their fingertips, eliminating the need for phone calls

Serve your customers with real-time data from your Prophet 21®, Acumatica, or TrulinX ERP.

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What Is an Online Customer Service Portal?

Introducing our revolutionary Online Customer Service Portal, a powerful solution that empowers your customers with self-service capabilities and real-time ERP data for their most common inquiries, accessible round the clock.

Seamless Data Integration:

Our customer service portal seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, ensuring real-time data sharing. This enables your customers to access a wealth of information directly from your ERP, including live inventory updates, personalized product pricing, and order tracking.

Empower Customers, Unburden Staff:

Are your valuable staff members spending hours each day handling repetitive tasks like tracking orders, reprinting invoices, or processing invoice payments? With our customer service portal, you can transform your customer service experience. By enabling self-service options, your customers gain control and independence, while your team can focus on more strategic and value-driven activities.

The Benefits are Clear:

  1. Accessibility: Customers can obtain answers and information whenever they need it, without limitations of time or availability. The portal is accessible 24/7, providing convenience and efficiency.

  2. Real-Time Data: Live integration with your ERP system ensures that customers receive accurate, up-to-date information, such as inventory status, customer-specific pricing details, and order tracking. This instills trust and transparency in your customer interactions.

  3. Empowered Customer Experience: By offering self-service capabilities, your customers feel empowered as they find solutions independently. This improves customer satisfaction and engagement, fostering long-term loyalty.

  4. Operational Efficiency: With automated self-service options, your staff can redirect their efforts towards higher-value tasks, reducing the burden of repetitive inquiries and boosting overall operational efficiency.

Discover the Future of Customer Service:

Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses who have embraced our Online Customer Service Portal. Experience the transformative benefits of enhanced accessibility, real-time data integration, and improved customer satisfaction. Empower your customers while optimizing your team's productivity. Revolutionize your customer service experience today.  

Not sure how much you can save?  Check out our ROI calculator!

Is the portal the right fit for your business?

The chart below is a quick and easy path to see if the portal is the right fit.  
If your business isn't quite ready for full e-commerce (maybe your products are 90% engineered), but you need to offer online service to your customers, the WebAlliance Customer Service Portal may be a good fit.

The portal allows for a fast implementation (typically about a week) and minimal up-front cost.
Your customers can find past invoices, web statements, purchase history, order tracking, inventory, pricing, and more.

  WebAlliance Express Portal WebAlliance E-Commerce
Descriptions Descriptions, attributes, feature lists, filtering, and more
Basic Robust
Optional Optional

What are the different features of WebAlliance e-Commerce vs WebAlliance Customer Portal?

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Not quite ready for Online Sales?

Check out how the WebAlliance Customer Service Portal can provide your customers with real-time pricing, inventory, tracking, history, and more.

Pricing Icon


Allow your customers to find the customer-specific price of any item in your TrulinX or Prophet21 ERP as defined in your ERP. 

Inventory Icon


Your portal users can view real-time inventory for all desired inventory locations.  Eliminate phone calls to confirm inventory levels.

Tracking Icon


Track and order easily and quickly from an order number, PO number, or invoice number.  No need for customers to call to find tracking info.

History Icon


Your users can easily see their historical purchase information.  Save time and eliminate the need to generate purchase history reports

Invoices Icon


Invoice details are readily available to users with the ability to search by PO, invoice, or month.  Eliminate the need to reprint customer invoices.

Frequent Purchases Icon

Frequent Purchases

Provide your users access to view the most commonly purchased items.  Provide pricing and availability for the items they purchase most.

Explore the Customer Portal Designed for Distribution

The real-time Prophet21 Customer Portal or TrulinX Customer Portal is easily customized for your brand. 
The portal provides a self-serve customer path to pricing, inventory, history, tracking, invoices, and more.
The WebAlliance Customer Service portal is compatible with Prophet21 and TrulinX ERPs.

Account Section
B2B Portal for Prophet 21 Overview Page
Order List
B2B Portal for Prophet 21 Order List
Order Detail
B2B Portal for Prophet 21 Order Details
Invoice List
B2B Portal for Prophet21 Invoices
Invoice Detial
B2B Portal for Prophet21 Invoice Details
Track Order
B2B Portal for P21 Order Tracking
Search Results
B2B Portal for P21 Product Search
Item Detail
B2B Portal for Prophet 21 Item Detail

Imagine if your bank didn't offer online banking?  Would you continue to use that bank?  COULD you continue to use that bank?

Customers Do Business Where it is Convenient

Your customers want to do business where it is convenient.  Just like online banking is now required, online access to your business is also crucial.

Today's Customers Require Online Data

The sophisticated customers of today are no longer satisfied with calling for info.  They want to look up tracking, inventory, and pricing when it is convenient for them.

Online Access Deepens Your Relationships

Providing real-time account information to your customers helps deepen relationships.  If they can get information from you that others don't provide, you have an advantage.

WebAlliance Express Portal Features

  Silver Gold PlatinumComing Soon

Customer Portal that offers easily accessible customer self-support

Custom branding for your portal to match your company logo and brand colors

Order history including itemized list of items purchased

View invoice history and details linked to order and tracking information

Track orders to get shipment updates and tracking information

Items are priced using customer specific pricing from your ERP

View open quotes with item and description details

View items that are on open backorders with the ability to request an ETA

Access current customer account statement with linked invoice information

Brand account pages with end-user logos to personalize the portal experience

Allow customers to build, request, and submit an online quote request for item pricing, etc.

Allow users to pay open invoices via the customer portal

Import invoice payments into your ERP to save time and improve accuracy.

*Import dependent on ERP capabilities, contact us for details

Automatically import quote carts into your ERP to eliminate double keywork

Sales Rep Functions

5 seats included (more available as needed) - Explore the Salerep Module here

Sales reps can view ERP history info for their accounts (e.g. invoices, statements, backorders, etc.)

Allow sales reps to see additional item master info (e.g. cost, open Pos, etc)

Allow sales reps to enter orders in a familiar Customer Ship-To Items pattern

Automatically import salesrep orders into your ERP to eliminate order typos

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions.

Can customers place orders via the portal?

The customer service portal only allows informational access, it doesn't provide e-commerce capabilities.  Those functions are readily available in WebAlliance E-Commerce

Can customers contact us via the portal?

Yes, the portal provides an easy-to-use contact form that users can utilize to send you product inquiries or general contacts.  This form can send an email to any address you choose

Can customers build request a quote via the portal?

WebAlliance Customer Service Portal has an optional module that provides a 'quote cart' to your users so that they can create and submit a list of items they would like you to quote for them.

Can customers pay invoices via the portal?

WebAlliance Customer Service Portal has an optional module that provides an online invoice payment portal.  Customers can select invoices and amounts to pay as well as submit payments via credit card or e-check (payment gateway required).

Does the portal replace my marketing website?

The WebAlliance Customer Service Portal does not replace your marketing website.  The portal is intended to be a companion to your marketing site that is linked to from your site.  The colors and logo can be changed to match your branding.

Can customers self-register/self-sign up for the portal?

Yes, customers can self-register for the portal by completing a sign up form.  You can decide if you want to manually approve users and assign them to their customer code, or have them validate their identity via previous invoice and be automatically approved.

Can we move to e-commerce after we start with the portal?

Yes. The customer service portal is a great first step on the way to WebAlliance e-commerce. For instance, should you eventually decide to do e-commerce, your users will use the same credentials, etc. saving you time.

Can we import quotes into the ERP?

The platinum portal package has the ability to allow for importing quotes into an ERP. Note that the ability to import is dependent upon the import abilities of your ERP. Your ERP must also support the ability to automatically import data. Please contact us with your ERP name and version for specific details.

Will the portal email customers when they have past due invoices?

The portal doesn't send invoice information to your customers. That function is handled by your ERP. However, when your ERP emails customers about an invoice (past due or not), the portal provides a place where they can go online to see a copy of that invoice.

Do customers get immediate access when requesting an account?

Whether or not customers get immediate access to the portal or require your approval for their portal access is up to you. The portal can approve them automatically, or it can hold their account info and allow you to manually review it. In either case, you'll always be notified of a new customer portal account creation.

What are your billing and contract terms?

Portal pricing is available either on either a 12 month contract basis or month-to-month pricing terms. Standard portal pricing is based on auto-billing via ACH and options are available to auto-bill a credit card if you prefer (processing fees apply).

Still have questions? Contact Us