Common Magento Problems

Problem: Expense

The free version of Magento may seem enticing because of the word "free", but reviews online say it can quickly become expensive and even unreachable for smaller businesses. You will also need to factor in the ongoing cost for development, maintenance, third party plugins, hosting, licensing, and server equipment. This can quickly become a nightmare to navigate through and can lead to difficulties in finding one solid budgetary number to follow.  

The Aldrich Approach

At Aldrich Web Solutions, we're up front about our pricing. After you've seen a demo of WebAlliance and we've gotten a chance to better understand the needs of your business and the goals you're trying to achieve through integrated e-commerce, we can provide a project proposal to you upon request.

Our WebAlliance proposals list multiple package offerings priced just for you and include an overview of what to expect during the three phases of your WebAlliance implementation and project plan. Optional modules and their pricing are also listed; optional modules can be added to any package at any time. 

Our pricing is up-front, and there will be no surprises for you. That's not something you'll find while juggling the unknown and constantly changing cost of third party Magento developers, your own hosting fees, licensing fees, and other third party Magento plugins.

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