Common Magento Problems

Problem: Customer Support

You'll also find plenty of online public reviews of Magento with complaints about customer support. The problem? They don't have any support with the free older versions (meaning you're on your own), and there are other mentions of how expensive, slow, and inconsistent the customer support is for paid Magento customers. It shouldn't be this way.  

The Aldrich Approach

When you sign up for WebAlliance e-commerce with Aldrich Web Solutions, you're also signing up for peace of mind. Every package of WebAlliance includes access to our in-house, US-based Customer Experience team right here in our office. We use a ticket-based support system and provide our users with excellent documentation of how to use our WebAlliance system. We also take phone calls.

Take a look at some of the feedback our stellar Customer Experience team has received from our happy customers:

"I work with Keith and Eric frequently through the customer portal tickets. They are both very responsive and helpful!" -Angela C., Toolmex

"We found the support from Keith and Eric invaluable in helping support our requests and clarifications." -Jose V., TSI Solutions

"Major shout out to Keith and Eric and the technical gang. They've been a HUGE support, very responsive and good at explaining what we did wrong to cause the issue without blaming us." 
-Cushing P., Turenne & Associates

"Customer support is exceptional and always extremely helpful and understanding of what my needs are and how they can be resolved." -Mike R., Forberg Scientific Inc.