Common Magento Problems

Problem: Buggy Upgrades

There are plentiful reports of Magento releasing new versions and patches that are "buggy". When new versions come out, many issues can arise for users. Since most Magento users have numerous plugins from different third parties and use multiple developers, it can cause compatibility problems, security problems, and errors when Magento rolls out upgrades.

It can be tricky to fix the bugs properly when you're dealing with code written by developers working for different third parties, and there will be no single "source of truth" manual for knowing what needs to be done to fix the bugs. It would also be your responsibility (or your designated third party's responsibility) to install the upgrades.

The Aldrich Approach

WebAlliance updates are thoroughly tested before they are published to our clients. We monitor our systems around the clock and are always looking for ways to improve system performance and user experience.

WebAlliance is an evergreen system, meaning we are continuously adding improvements and new features to the system. Our customers don't have to lift a finger to enjoy these benefits—we automatically do this for our customers, and they're able to view all Bug Fixes, New Features, and Enhancements right from the News Feed on their Admin screens.