Common Magento Problems

Problem: Development

It's no secret: if you go with Magento, you're going to need to find a developer (or developers) with experience, or have extensive development experience yourself and the time available to spend on setting up and managing the site yourself. Is that something you really want to deal with?  

The Aldrich Approach

Custom development sounds enticing. But what happens if your employed or contracted developer wins the lottery or finds a new opportunity? This leads to starting over with someone new who doesn't have the valuable knowledge of your industry. You lose valuable time as they try to learn the "leftovers" your previous developer left behind. We built our systems with this question in mind and place the utmost importance on user-friendliness so that virtually anyone from your company can easily create new marketing pages or update item listing data without having to know any coding—no developer required.

"We are able to provide a lot more information to our customers without the hassle on the backend. The team has always gone above and beyond. I personally like to see all the backend improvements that Aldrich drives forward and pushes out to customers. Thanks for being such a seamless partner!" -Heather Brehmer, United Group