Common Magento Problems

Problem: Performance

We know that customers care about SPEED...especially on your website. One recent study says that a client waiting more than three (3) seconds will leave your site. Magento often receives negative reviews for performance issues, with the most frequent performance complaint being slow loading times. Slow websites cause frustration for both you and your customers. Frustrated customers lead to lost sales.

The Aldrich Approach

In order to sell anything as a feature, it has to be measurable. At Aldrich Web Solutions, we take speed and performance very seriously and promote speed as one of the many features of our WebAlliance e-commerce system. We constantly monitor the speed of actions on our pages down to minute details so we have solid information on system performance.

We also continuously monitor and improve our systems to achieve optimum performance. If any issues do arise, we're aware of them before our customers are and will most likely have the issue fixed before it causes a problem. We are very focused on taking preventative measures to ensure your system is always performing at its best.

Hear it from our customers:

"Our new site is much faster and easier to use for our customers. The search engine they have is fantastic and is what our customers mostly use to find what they are after."
 -Lynn S., Northwest Scientific

"The challenges or problems that have been eliminated since moving is the speed of the site has increased and overall searching capabilities have been dramatically improved." -John G., Q Source

"Ease of use, increased speed and logical layout has made our site much more intuitive, plus has many more options for customers to shop and manage their history, invoices, etc. Percentage of orders placed on the web grew from approx. 9% to 17% in less than a year."          -Dick T., Masterman's

WebAlliance E-Commerce is fast.

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