Common Magento Problems

Problem: Hosting

Another common complaint about Magento is the hosting setup. If you go with Magento for your e-commerce needs, be prepared to source and handle your own hosting, deal with the MANY security issues, become an expert in protocols and nerd speak, and finally tackle learning Linux and related technologies. Online reviews report that typical hosting for Magento can get very expensive and cause frustrations for its users.

The Aldrich Approach

At Aldrich Web Solutions, you won't have to worry about how or where your WebAlliance e-commerce website is hosted. We host your WebAlliance e-commerce website, manage the hosting servers, deal with the techno-speak, and keep it hassle-free for you. We utilize first-class equipment and hosting locations to keep your data safe, your site fast, and our service responsive. We've chosen the best of the best so you can rest assured your site hosting will be in good hands.