Common Magento Problems

Problem: Adobe Ownership

In June 2018, Adobe completed its acquisition of Magento Commerce. Magento was already a system with strong roots in retail, not in providing B2B e-commerce solutions to distributors. Adobe is also not known for being focused on distributors and will most likely continue to focus on and cater to the mass market.

Over the years, Adobe has also shifted all their offerings to a more expensive pricing model. They are focused on mass-market appeal. This doesn't necessarily bode well for distributors who need great B2B e-commerce.

The Aldrich Approach

Our company is privately owned and operated and our WebAlliance e-commerce systems have been purpose-built specifically for distributors. Serving the distribution community is all we do. B2B e-commerce for distributors is our core focus and has been our focus since 2004.

By working only with distributors we've come to know the unique needs and problems that distributors have, especially in relation to how we can solve some those problems with our WebAlliance e-commerce systems.