Common Magento Problems

Problem: System Management

Operating a Magento website isn't for the faint of heart, ant the system management expertise it requires cannot be overlooked. There are multiple online reports of Magento causing cache management issues that require manual clearing of caches and reindexing in order to make the shopping cart work. It may require manual and tedious intervention to make the system work well, which is just one more thing that can steal your valuable time and pull you away from effectively running your business. If this sounds technical, that's because it is. Do you want to have your website drive your online business, or do you want to 'tinker' with your site? If you like to tinker, Magento may be a good fit.

The Aldrich Approach

System management with WebAlliance is simple. You have access to the tools you need as well as access to our support resources. We don't require our users to complete ongoing manual processes to keep the e-commerce system operating at its peak. We provide training on how to best USE your e-commerce system to drive your business...the difference is: WebAlliance is a system you can use, not another thing you have to maintain.