Common Magento Problems

Problem: Plugin Pipedream

Magento requires plugins for a lot of functionality. Many people promise distributors a land of opportunity because of the plugins. Unfortunately, many realize the fact that while plugins are possible, very few are targeted at their needs. The promise of plugins may be great but if no one makes a plugin to suit your needs, what are your options? Unless you want to go into the development business, plugins aren't the panacea they are promised to be.

One more thing: do you know where most security problems originate? You guessed it: plugins. After all, how much time and effort will a developer invest if their plugin is free or very inexpensive? Don't leave your security in the hands of the lowest bidder.

The Aldrich Approach

WebAlliance doesn't rely on buggy, unpredictable, or potentially insecure plugins to serve distributors. It was created from the ground up to serve our distribution clients. This means that instead of a plugin afterthought, the pieces you require to drive your distributorship to the next level are already built-in to our WebAlliance system. Why settle for plugin uncertainty when you can get a system purpose built to meet your needs?