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How long does it take?

If you are already a WebAlliance customer, you could be ready in as little as 2 weeks. If you are not a WebAlliance client yet, but you have an Epicor P21 B2B website, you can still be ready quickly. The timing of getting your app ready and published has a variety of factors that will affect your specific time required to launch.

Is WebAlliance Mobile for Prophet21 expensive?

WebAlliance Mobile is very reasonably priced. You can request a quote for your project by clicking this link and completing a quick form. You will immediately receive an estimate emailed to you.

Are there per user fees?

No, WebAlliance Mobile does not have a per user fee.

Is it hard to get my app up and going?

Apps can definitely be complicated. We have an easy process to walk you through deploying the app and doing all the steps necessary to get your app in the app stores. All you have to do is follow our lead.

Does it work with Epicor® Prophet 21?

Yes. WebAlliance mobile was made to work with ERP systems like P21. Information such as inventory, pricing, ship locations, previous purchases and more are all tightly tied to your P21 system.

Do I have to create new data?

WebAlliance Mobile is made to work with the data you've already created for your website. WebAlliance Mobile will use images, pictures, attributes, and descriptions from your WebAlliance e-commerce website. You've already created your item data, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Does it support retail sales?

Yes, WebAlliance can allow retail sales. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can show you a demo.

Does it work for my outside salesreps?

Yes, WebAlliance is a powerful tool for outside salesreps. Salesreps have the option to view different customer accounts so that they can review the customer's info before they go in to see them. WebAlliance Mobile is a powerful aide for your outside salesreps.

Are all my WebAlliance E-Commerce settings shared to WebAlliance Mobile?

Some settings (such as default locations, etc.) are shared, but WebAlliance Mobile is a different product and so not all settings are shared. If you are wondering about a specific setting, we are happy to look it up for you.  Our P21 Mobile Apps can share a lot of information to make your life easy.

Are my WebAlliance E-Commerce users shared to WebAlliance Mobile?

Yes, logins for your WebAlliance E-Commerce are the same logins that are used by WebAlliance Mobile.

Are product restrictions from WebAlliance E-Commerce applied in WebAlliance Mobile?

Yes, product restrictions are shared between WebAlliance E-Commerce and WebAlliance Mobile.

Can users be allowed to log into WebAlliance Mobile, but not WebAlliance E-Commerce?

No, users will have access to both WebAlliance Mobile and WebAlliance E-Commerce.

Are prices from WebAlliance Mobile the same as prices on WebAlliance E-Commerce?

Yes, prices in both WebAlliance frameworks will be the same.

Are carts shared between WebAlliance E-Commerce and WebAlliance Mobile?

Yes, items added to cart are attached to the user. That means the user can view the same cart whether they are using WebAlliance E-Commerce or WebAlliance Mobile.

If a user changes their password on WebAlliance E-Commerce will it change the password on WebAlliance Mobile?

Yes, both platforms share the same user account.

What's the difference between WebAlliance Mobile and my responsive WebAlliance website?

Mobile apps and responsive websites have some similarities. However, apps tend to be faster, more convenient and better received by users. Mobile websites also tend to have more marketing information, and mobile apps tend to be focused on the selling and e-commerce process.

Users almost always prefer to purchase via an app over a responsive site due to the convenience. Think about this: Do you use Amazon's mobile app or their website when you're on your mobile device?

How does my Prophet 21 ERP data get to the WebAlliance Mobile app?

The WebAlliance Mobile app interfaces with P21 via the Aldrich Web Solutions WebAliance Integration framework. Aldrich Web Solutions will set up this integration on a gateway machine as part of the setup process. If you are already a WebAlliance Online customer, your data is also used on WebAlliance Mobile.

How do I deal with my WebAlliance Mobile orders?

Orders placed on WebAlliance Mobile behave the same as orders placed on the WebAlliance Online system. There is no special consideration required for WebAlliance Mobile orders. They will import into your P21 system.

Do I need new item images for WebAlliance Mobile, or will my WebAlliance E-Commerce images carry over?

Item images from WebAlliance Online will display on WebAlliance Mobile.

What's the best way for my customers to get the WebAlliance Mobile App?

Your WebAlliance Mobile app will be available from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Your customer will be able to search your company name in the app store and download your app. This will be the same process they use for installing any app on their mobile device.

Will my WebAlliance E-Commerce coupons work on the WebAlliance Mobile App?

If you have the WebAlliance Online coupon module, the same coupons will be available also in WebAlliance Mobile.

Can I tell when an order is placed via WebAlliance Mobile App?

Orders from WebAlliance Mobile appear the same as Orders placed from WebAlliance Online. WebAlliance Mobile and WebAlliance Online share a cart so that a user may transition from the website to the mobile app easily.

Does WebAlliance Mobile have all the features of WebAlliance Online?

WebAlliance Mobile and WebAlliance Online are two different products with different feature sets. We built WebAlliance Mobile to share a lot of information with WebAlliance Online to prevent double administration and extra work for our clients. As two separate products with somewhat different purposes, there are features that one system may have that the other does not. WebAlliance Mobile is focused on providing the best mobile experience possible. Both WebAlliance Mobile and WebAlliance Online are living systems made to help you compete and win online. They receive regular updates and new features over time.

Will our customers have to pay for the app in the App Store?

No, the app will be a free download for your users.

How often will WebAlliance Mobile App be updated?

Updates to the apps will be based on feature availability, testing schedules, and other factors. The update schedule is planned to be twice per year, however, other factors may change that timing. As new versions are finalized, they will be released into the app store.

Do I have to pay for each new app version?

As of this writing, we are including new versions of the app for customers with current WebAlliance Mobile hosting and support subscriptions. This is subject to change in the future.

Can users start a cart online and finish it via the WebAlliance Mobile App?

Yes, if you are a WebAlliance Online customer, users can start an order on your website and finish it via the app... they can also start via WebAlliance Mobile and finish via WebAlliance Online.

Is The WebAlliance Mobile App custom for each client?

WebAlliance Mobile is a shared architecture app that we deploy to allow clients to compete in the App Stores. It is not custom for each client but does have various areas of configuration such as unique changeable launch page banners, etc.

Will The WebAlliance Mobile App be listed under our company name in the App Store?

Yes, WebAlliance Mobile will be branded for your company with your logo and will appear under your corporate name in the App Stores.

What does The WebAlliance Mobile App cost?

You can receive an online estimate from our form here. WebAlliance Mobile is reasonably priced to help you get into the App stores and compete on your client's mobile devices.

How do I get started?

The best way to start is to Get An Instant Quote On An App to get an online estimate. From there, we will reach out to you about getting The WebAlliance Mobile App set up for you and in the App Store.