• Track My Orders

    Users can track an order by entering an Order Number, Invoice, or PO number. WebAlliance Mobile will show them the tracking info and link them to the UPS or FedEx tracking details.

  • Company Orders

    Company orders and order details allow users to see orders that have been placed by anyone in their company. Additionally, the details of the order are visible as well as any related invoices and tracking information.

WebAlliance Mobile Orders
  • Current Statement

    A Current web statement is available to users to see all their open invoices and quickly link to the related invoice and invoice details.

  • Favorite Items

    Users can access and add items to Favorite Items lists. Favorite Items Lists are shared between the WebAlliance Online and WebAlliance Mobile applications. Favorites allow users to easily organize and shop by groups of items that they mark as favorites.

  • Invoices and Shipments

    The invoice and shipments functionality allows users to view an invoice and related shipments via WebAlliance Mobile. They can easily access invoice details for an invoice on their mobile device.

  • Recent Orders

    Recent orders allows users to view their recent purchases made via WebAlliance Online or WebAlliance Mobile quickly and easily. This allows the user to quickly cut through the clutter of company orders to get to the ones most important to them.

Single search box, Easy customer service, Simple & powerful checkout
  • Order Templates

    Order templates are shared between WebAlliance Online and WebAlliance Mobile. Templates allow users to select from pre-built lists of items with preset purchase quantities for quick ordering. Templates are a fast way for users to make frequent purchases.

  • Company Quotes

    Recent quotes allows users to view quotes prepared for their company. Users can also request to purchase a quote from WebAlliance Mobile.

  • Frequent Purchases

    Frequent purchase is like an automagic favorites lists for users. Favorites shows the things the user purchases online most frequently for ease of access.

  • Salesrep Accounts

    Sales reps can easily select a different company for viewing invoices, statement, orders, quotes, pricing info, and more. This is a great tool for them to have so that they can review a customer’s account just before making an onsite visit, assist the customer while onsite, or just review a customer’s account easily.

Single search box, Easy customer service, Simple & powerful checkout