WebAlliance Mobile - Shopping and customer service in the Apple® and Google Play® App Stores

WebAlliance Mobile is a mobile app that is integrated to P21 (Prophet21®).  With WebAlliance Mobile you can offer your customers a mobile shopping experience that is faster, more efficient, and easier to use than a mobile website.  Customers can enjoy features such as barcode scanning, biometric login (FaceId and Fingerprint recognition), and much more.

As part of the WebAlliance family, WebAlliance Mobile provides robust search with search previews, item attribute search filters, ranked search results and more.

WebAlliance Mobile Screenshots

*WebAlliance Mobile is available for Android and Apple iOS.  The screenshots are from the iOS app.

Home screen with configurable banners.

Search results.

Search filter by item attributes.

Product detail screen.

Search result preview.

Suggested add to cart items.

Item left swipe options.

Shopping cart screen.

Checkout address selection.

Checkout shipping and billing selections.

Checkout review.

Favorite items list.

Order templates list.

Order template items.

Wishlist listing.

Wishlist item details.

Wishlist menu.

My Account screen (top).

My Account screen (bottom).

Company orders search and view screen.

Invoice search and view screen.

Mobile Account Statement Screen.

Frequent purchases screen.

Open backorders screen.

Quote listing screen.