WebAlliance Mobile - Shopping Features

Integrated with Prophet21

WebAlliance Mobile is tightly integrated your distributorship P21 system with our mobile app. No need for manually entered orders, manual pricing, or inventory uploads. WebAlliance Mobile allows your customers to shop, buy, and access customer service directly from their mobile device.

Branded for your distributorship
WebAlliance Mobile is branded for your distributorship with your logo and your choice of color scheme. Users will find the app listed under _your name_ in the _App Stores_ by searching for your company name.

Available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!
WebAlliance Mobile supports the most common mobile operating systems so that you can compete and win right on your customers’ phones.

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Share content with WebAlliance Online...

WebAlliance Mobile shares much content with WebAlliance Online (our integrated e-commerce website). That means you take advantage of the website work you’ve already done. Make use of the images, attributes, and descriptions that you’ve already created and serve customers via the mobile app.

Launch Page Featured Items

WebAlliance Mobile features a main launch page that allows you to place banner images that can link to various areas of the app, or link to external websites. You can use this feature to drive users to sale items, specific item categories, or external websites.

P21 Customer Specific Pricing

WebAlliance Mobile shows customers Their prices. Pricing shows the customer the same prices calculated by P21 so that you present the user a consistent shopping experience.

Prophet21 Inventory

Using WebAlliance Mobile, users can see inventory directly from P21 without the need for you to run manual syncs or inventory load files. Users have access to see inventory from multiple inventory locations at a glance.

Status Indicators

Search Results in WebAlliance Mobile have status indicators which indicate whether or not an item is in stock or not in stock. They also have indictors that show customers items they have previously purchased. Both of these indicators help provide the user an intuitive and convenient search experience.

WebAlliance Search

Search is the heart of the user experience. WebAlliance Mobile takes advantage of the highly regarded WebAlliance Search Engine. The search engine helps users find what they are looking for quickly and effectively. It even tailors searches based on who is doing the searching. This produces a search experience unmatched by other systems.

  • Scan and Search

    WebAlliance Mobile supports search by scanning barcodes. This means you can generate barcodes and label shelves for easy reordering. This can be a huge help to your customers in replenishment of recurring purchases.

  • Category Browse

    WebAlliance Mobile allows users to browse category items (shared from WebAlliance Online) and filter their results to easily find what they are looking for.

  • Attribute Filtering

    WebAlliance Mobile utilizes attributes managed by the WebAlliance Online Attribute Management System. This allows your users to see specs on items, filter by the specs, and quickly arrive at the items that fit their need.

Easy Checkout Process

WebAlliance Mobile boasts an easy checkout process that allows users to quickly add items to their cart and finish a checkout. It allows users to select from Prophet21 Ship-To addresses, or (where permitted) enter manual addresses. WebAlliance Mobile supports both On Account and Credit Card purchases (when enabled).

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