Automation for Today and Tomorrow

We've all seen how the largest online retailers send emails that market to you based on products you've looked at online.  Would that ability help you grow your business and offer superior service to your users?  If so, then you need to ask about our automation modules.  This module allows you to track many actions web users take on your site.  You can then use that information along with AutoPilotHQ.  

You can now perform cost effective, targeted marketing directly to your users.  This is bleeding edge technology for most distributors, but it is available to you today!

Automatically Email Users and Admins

Remind users they forgot a cart, or alert admins as to order stats or problems

  • Remind Users Of Forgotten Carts

    Do you wish you could send users an email when they start a cart but don't complete the checkout?  Now you can!  You can even set time limits and other functions to make sure you don't annoy users. The email that is sent is based on a template so you can make it your own and provide a high level of service to your users.

  • Daily Order Emails

    Receive an email summary of the orders that have been placed for today.  Now you can easily stay on top of how many orders and the status of each order directly to your inbox each morning.

  • Be Alerted On Cart Problems

    With hung order alerts, you can be proactively notified if a cart doesn't successfully import into the ERP system.  Set who should be notified and when, and the WebAlliance E-Commerce system will automatically email you if it senses something is not as it should be.

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