SEO & Content Management

We want your pages to be found!

Our included content management system (CMS) is search engine friendly and uses search engine friendly URLs that you control

All of our sites include an integrated content management system. Use the content management system to change most non e-commerce pages of your site. Create marketing pages, Google AdWords landing pages, specialized product pages and more.

This site (the one you're looking at right now) is built using the same CMS that is included as part of WebAlliance.

Add, Edit, & Remove Pages

Using the Content Management System (CMS), you can add and edit and remove content from your site.

This can easily be accomplished from the web admin without the need to involve Aldrich Web Solutions in the process. You simply create a page, or change the navigation using the tools provided in the site administration console.

Some of the many tools at your disposal include:

  • Revamped content editor
  • Document/Link/Image Managers for ease-of-use content uploading
  • The ability to embed streaming video in a page from YouTube, Vimeo, or other streaming services.
  • Meta Content manager
    (meta keywords, meta descriptions and the page H1 tags for superior search engine optimization)

Some HTML experience is helpful; basic text pages with simple pictures and layouts can be easily added by just about anyone.


Home Page Editor

Your home page is unique to your site.  However, your home page data needs updated regularly to keep your content fresh.  Each WebAlliance site comes with a home page editor created to make changing the content of your home page an easy, do-it-yourself, low risk task.  Easily update the page content, even things such as changing a slider image are simple to do.


Form Builder

A lot of times you need a simple form to collect some information from a user.  The form builder allows you to do this with ease.  You can create a form in a matter of minutes by defining the fields a customer may fill out (including drop down boxes, check boxes, and more).


Site Navigation

Website navigation is the 'map' that allows users to navigate your site.  Your navigation may need to change from time to time as you add new pages and sections to your site.  You can easily add new pages and sections to your navigation with just a few clicks.  You can even rearrange the order by dragging the navigation items into position.  It is easy to do and very convenient.

Searchable site content

Searchable Site Content

You've spent a lot of time and creativity building amazing content pages about your company, your products, and your services.  Shouldn't all of that great information be available for customers to find?

Pages created with our easy and simple content management system (we call it the Content Builder) are all searchable via the standard search box.  Now when a customer does a search, they aren't Just searching products, they are searching your site as well.

Your site content is now quickly available to your customers with a standard search!

Want to learn more about managing your site?

If you'd like to see how you can add and edit content pages with ease, make the searchable by customers, and even control the navigation of your site with drag and drop simplicity, request a demo with the link below.

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