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Proprietary Search Technology

We know that the heart of your site is the search engine that powers it. As such, our search engine provides the very best experience possible to your users. Unlike others, our search is not SQL based. This means it does not suffer from the performance or functionality limits that can plague SQL databases with millions of records.

Our search engine allows us to provide the best results easily and quickly.

We even take the customer's past purchases into account. This advanced searching ability happens all from one search box. No more "magical" advanced search boxes. Just type a keyword and the most relevant results are automatically shown.

A great search engine produces satisfied users. How does your current search stack up?


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What sets us apart

We've put years of experience and hundreds of hours into making our search a superior experience for your customers. The website search engine is the heart of your customer experience and we're sure you'll quickly see the value the powerful search adds to your users.

Ranked Search Results

Ranking search results is critical to the usability of your site. Our search engine allows us to identify the best matches of product based on the user's search term and the searchable data on the item. It even utilizes the customer's previous purchase history.

Optimized for speed

We don't believe in making users wait needlessly. It is capable of searching over 1 million records in under .3 seconds. The search engine won't frustrate your users with slow page loads.

English Language Aware

Our search engine has a basic understanding of many English language words. This allows searches to be more accurately found based on the words supplied. No more will your user not find the product because they search for 'drills' instead of 'drill'.


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