Website Administration

Site Administration that Drives Value to your Team

Reporting, user control, and analytics are all key to successful site operations. Below are some of the administrative features that are part of the WebAlliance e-Commerce framework.

Customer Search Stats

Customer search statistics are vital to the performance of your site.

You should use the search statistics to align your product keywords to the actual words customers are trying to use to find your products. With some basic keyword search statistics, you can make highly effective changes to your product information, providing better results to your users.

From the admin, you can easily view and export the last 2000 searches executed on the site, including the keywords used, the user executing the search, and the number of hits returned.

Customer search stats
Admin/Customer Reports

Admin/Customer Reports

Most reporting in WebAlliance is left to your business system or Google Analytics.
However, we provide a few "top" reports to create quick & simple at-a-glance reviews.

    • Allows you to see the list of users of the site who purchase the most that can be viewed by purchase frequency or purchase amounts.
    • Allows you to see the list of the top selling products on the web site that can be viewed by number of sales or sales dollars.
    • Provides information on all the users of your site. This includes the access they have, their email address, last login date, etc.
    • Allows an easy way to generate a user list for an email mailing list service such as Constant Contact or Vertical Response.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to understand what is happening on your site.

Google Analytics provides you access to:

  • Visitor Information
  • Site Search Statistics
  • E-Commerce Sales Statistics
  • And much more...
Google analytics integration

Want to learn more about managing your site?

We can show you how easy it is to manage users, add new content, manage search preferences and much more.  Use the request a demo link below and we'll set up a time to show you our powerful administration portal.