WebAlliance Benefits

Experience E-Commerce made for distribution

You don't have to settle for e-commerce built for retail users.
You can experience e-commerce built to wow your distribution customers and help you grow your business.

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Benefits At A Glance

B2B Online Channel

Provide your users a B2C experience and convenience in a platform made to service your B2B customers. Customer specific pricing, ordering tools, online invoice payment options, and more.
B2C Sales
Want to sell to the public? We've got you covered with powerful search, product comparisons, guest checkout, credit card payments, and more.
Compelling User Experience
Get online quickly with custom designed, modern, mobile friendly, attractive store fronts that will reflect your branding and build customer confidence.
Mobile Access
Access your site from any mobile device. Your website is responsive to adapt to the screen size of your customer's device and still look and work great.
Real-Time Inventory
Your customers can see inventory available as it exists in real time to help them make immediate purchase decisions.
Customer Specific Pricing
Don't maintain duplicate price lists for your online sales channel. WebAlliance uses your customer specific price that you've already configured to provide fast, accurate prices to each customer.
Online Customer Service
Allow users to enter repeat orders, access quotes, view order history, search and view invoices, view open backorders, order templates, and much more.
Online eCommerce
Empower your users to purchase and gain access to customer service from anywhere on their time.
Sales Support Features
Allow your support staff to order on behalf of users, create and modify shopping parameters, or offer assistance via live chat.
Product Restrictions
Create collections of products that can be offered exclusively to certain clients, retstricted to certain client groups, or restict certain groups of customers to only buy certain items.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Your site is search engine friendly from the start. Page titles, headlines, and meta descriptions are just the start. Powerful features such as JSON-LD data help Google and other search engines understand the details of your product and show them online.
Google Analytics
Gain insight into how your users use your site, what pages they look at, which pages convert to sales, and much more using the best in class Google Analyics integration (built in).
Deep Integration
Don't keep multiple databases and manually move items online. WebAlliance integrates with P21 (Prophet21) so you can use your existing items to drive e-commerce.
Proven Value
The WebAlliance e-commerce solutions were created from the ground up by a team that understands distribution. No more trying to make a retail e-commerce experience work for your distribution. We've been providing e-commerce solutions to distributors for 15+ years.

"WebAlliance has created and perfected a powerful tool. They are intuitively focused on what the e-commerce consumer expects from a website, and it shows in the features they offer. They are up-to-date on technology trends and translate that savvy into functional features online. It's a user-friendly tool and a flawless implementation. They seem to have literally thought of everything."

Mandy S. - Regional Supply

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