Integrated E-Commerce

Experience e-commerce created specifically for distribution and manufacturing that uses information from your ERP (including Prophet21, TrulinX, and more) to provide your customers an online portal, sell more products, and grow your business.

Prophet 21 Integration

Powerful, flexible, e-commerce platform made for distribution, integrated with Prophet21, TrulinX, and other ERPs to power a new generation of customers and growth.

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Customer Portal Your users want account and order information at their convenience. Give customers account information, even after hours.

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Order History

Customers can easily view order history purchases made on & offline so that they can easily self-research purchase requests, free up your team, and operate on their schedule

Account Status & Statements

Provide customers self-serve access to their account status without requiring a CSR to manually spend time preparing that information for the user

Quote Cart

Creates a simple path to allow customers to ask for a quote on one or more items so that your team can easily respond to requests for special pricing, large orders, etc.

Online Invoices

Serve your customers more efficiently and free up your team while allowing customers to view and print invoices anytime day or night

Order Tracking

Automatically provide tracking codes so that customers don't have to wait on your team to manually provide that information

Real-time Inventory

Available real-time inventory so that customers can know what you have available up to the minute avoiding backorders

Customer Specific ERP Pricing

Pricing is consistent with your ERP so that you don’t have to worry about managing pricing for each customer in two places

Live Chat

Provide customer service and answer questions live online so that customers can easily reach out with their questions at the time they are visiting your site, whether or not they are near a phone

24 Hour Access

Customers can order on their own time so that you can grow sales even when you are closed

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Our experience with Aldrich Web Solutions was and continues to be nothing short of spectacular. We've gone through the process of moving and rebuilding our website framework in the past; the team at Aldrich made it an easy and painless process... All of this has led to our company seeing an almost 25% increase in web sales since our launch.
KBC Tools & Machinery
Customer since 2018

Shopping Cart & Checkout Provide a powerful customer experience that uses your ERP information to create an easy and efficient checkout experience.

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Picture of the Checkout Screen(s)

Express Checkout

Customers click “checkout” to be taken to the final step in the ordering process, using information obtained in previous transactions so that orders can be placed quickly

Persistent Shopping Cart

Keep track of unpurchased items left in a cart so that your customers can easily purchase items on their next visit, increasing your sales

Integrated Credit Card Processing

(specific requirements apply) Seamlessly integrate credit card processing so that you can continue to use the payment platform you trust most

Ship-To Addresses

Allow (or require) your users to utilize ship-to information contained in your ERP system so that they can check out more easily

Purchase Orders

Enforce your business rules online so that orders follow the same business process online as they do in person

Order Importing

Automatically import orders into your ERP eliminating the need for reentry saving you time and money

Guest Checkout

(Retail customer module) Allows retail customers & onetime buyers to access and purchase items so that you don’t miss out on sales

Upload Order from Excel

Save time for your users by allowing them to quickly upload orders to their shopping cart from a simple Excel template

Free Shipping Logic

Intuitively know which orders require additional shipping charges so that you save time and money not estimating shipping costs

Avalara Integration

(optional module) Ensure tax compliance with Avalara saving you unexpected additional costs

Checkout Attachments

Attach additional documents during checkout (PDF's, spreadsheets, etc.)

Enhanced Line Notes

Easily create and apply bulk edits to line notes during your checkout process

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Searching, Browsing, & User Experience WebAlliance helps users locate the products and information they need with powerful search that incorporates product information AND customer information so your users get fast, relevant search results with minimal effort.

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Picture of the Customer Experience on an Aldrich Solutions Website

Ranked Search Results

Create manageable groups of items that help to prioritize your top-selling products

Customized Searching

Take control over your website search results to ensure that your customers always see relevant product search results

Add to Cart Pop-Up

Show users relevant related product information that will help users find related items and grow your lines per order

Search Preview

Provide suggestions to users as they search for items and customize the suggestions available to best meet your user’s needs

Assembled Item Inventory Calculator

Allow users to easily see if an item is available to make, even if its an assembly item

Item Quick Order Form

Quick Order provides a fast, easy way for customers to add items by part number to their cart

User Favorites List

Allow users to categorize and add items as favorites so that they can easily find things they purchase often

Previous Purchase Indicator

Show users things they have bought from your (based on ERP data) previously so that they can quickly identify repeat purchases.

ERP Pricing

Prices are determined by your ERP system eliminating the requirement to manage dual pricing systems and keeping customer specific prices consistent even online

Quote Cart Module

(optional module) Build a quote, add and remove items, and change the Ship-To-Address, for customers who are unable to see the price

User Registration

Users can Sign up by entering their name and email address with Admin approval

SEO Friendly Item Detail Page

Your pages are Search Engine friendly so that your pages and products can be found by users when they do relevant searches on Google and other search engines.

SEO Microdata on product pages

Utilize product microdata to produce better results in search engines and get your items found

Product Info Management (PIM)

(optional module) Quickly manage and bulk edit product information, item attributes, categories with imports, exports, and more. (more info)

Browse Items by Brand Name

Allow users to easily view all products based on the Brand Name of the items

Item Purchase History

The Purchase History page provides your users with a variety of ways to view item purchase data over the last 12 months

Search Keyword Intercepts

Help guide your customers to what they're looking for by redirecting common search terms to specific results

Branch Locator by Address or Zip

Allow website users to search for the closest Dealer or Sales Rep to their location for customer pick up

Wish Lists

Allow your users a simple method to save lists of items for a project or items that they want to purchase at a later time

Call to Action Popup with Timer

Encourage users to take action by showing a popup to all users, target specific users, or even show messages after a delay

Order Templates

Help users quickly find frequently purchased items and purchase history with easy one-click checkout and add to cart

Punchout Shopping

(optional module) Assist users and deepen customer relationships by allowing users to shop on your system and submit the items back to their system for final purchase

Webhooks Automation Module

(optional module) If you need to integrate other systems such as a CRM, the Webhooks module sends notification events to other systems so that you can drive processes and actions in other systems

Coupon Discounts

(optional module) Drive sales by promoting your website with coupon codes including item limits, customer limits, usages limits and more

Web Shopping Discounts with Discount Display

Provide more competitive pricing on your website based on customer-specific pricing with a web-only discount

Item Click Tracking

View the activity of online users so that you can make decisions on what items are receiving the most attention and make informed decisions

Site-wide Messaging

Easily get important messages to your users by displaying messages or popups to website users

Export Item Page to PDF

Enable your users to easily download a printable PDF document with item info for easy sharing and offline use

Product Samples

Offer your customers product samples before they purchase large quantities

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Customer Service Save time and serve your customers, even when your CSRs are unavailable.

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Picture of the Customer Experience on an Aldrich Solutions Website

View Invoices and Shipments

Users can review invoice and shipment history from their My Account page at their convenience

Web Statements

View and review the current statements for a user’s Customer ID without needing the assistance of a representative

Track Shipments

Utilize UPS/FedEx tracking links right from your site so your customers know where their order is at all times

Real-time Company Order View

Specify different search parameters to view information about orders, review order statistics, or determine issues with customer orders

View/Submit ERP Quotes

Submit ERP quotes with purchase order numbers and verify those quotes have transitioned to an order in your ERP system

Expedite Order Request

Allow users to easily request status information about an existing order saving your customer and your team a phone call while providing useful information

Open Backorders

View open backorders with optional expected dates and eliminate phone calls and inquiries

Frequently Purchased List

View frequently purchased items and reorder, without repeating a search saving your customers time

Invoice Payment Modules

(optional module) Pay invoices or make payments at the customer's convenience day or night without needing a CSRs assistance

Return Request Manager

(optional module) View and manage return requests efficiently and in one convenient place

Customer Resources

(optional module) Lockdown documents such as datasheets, parts lists, pricing sheets, etc. to certain customer IDs preventing anyone else from accessing them and providing you with peace of mind

Order Purchase Approval

(optional module) Set and enforce spending limits and approval chains for users to help your clients control spending and enforce approval processes

Salesrep Module

(optional module) The Salesrep Module provides real-time data from your ERP directly to your salesreps, saving them time, increasing efficiency, and giving them the competitive edge

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We build our b2b e-commerce websites with 18 years of expertise, ease of use, and customer support in mind.

Administrative Powerful tools to help you manage your WebAlliance e-commerce website so that you can focus on your business.

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Available Custom Design

Create a professional design based on your feedback so that your site suits your business's unique needs

Sponsored Search

(optional module) Display additional “sponsored” items when a user searches for specific terms, showcasing certain items alongside standard search results

Google Sitemap Generator

Generate and submit a new sitemap to search engines when you make significant changes to your website keeping your business easily found via Google search engine

Emulate Users

Emulate a user to troubleshoot that user’s account to resolve issues quickly saving CSR and customers time and effort

Automated Cart Emails

Send automated emails to users when they have started a cart but not completed it within a time frame you set, reminding them and continuing a sale

Product Restrictions

Make items only available or viewable to certain customers, creating a more concise shopping experience for territory or catalog specific shoppers

Import User Favorites and Order Templates

Import items and order templates from existing P21 orders and quotes and assign them to the favorites list for any user

Search Engine Friendly

Be found in search engines so that new buyers or businesses can easily access your site

Keyword Targeting

Target customers online so that your outside salespeople aren’t the only path you have for acquiring new business

Non-ERP Inventory Counts

Include inventory that isn't part of your ERP data so that you can report inventory available to your users such as that at a drop-ship warehouse

Site Tracking and Reports

See site clicks, view statistics about searches being performed on the website to keep improving your customer experience allowing you to keep your best sellers selling

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor authentication allows you to secure your site against many common forms of password hacking. Using an app like Google Authenticator, accounts are easily secured and protected.

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After going with Aldrich, we never looked back. The team there provides quick response times, knowledgeable answers and clear communication. The flexibility of the Aldrich back-end has allowed us to produce a site that accommodates our specific needs. The end result of the website has left us wanting for nothing.
Drake Taylor - Austin Hose
Customer since 2017

Site Content & Management Easy to use content management to allow drag and drop easy web page creation and maintenance.

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Page Manager

Edit, copy, delete, rename, and change the URL of marketing pages easily without being an HTML expert so that your marketing tactics and content stay up to date

Custom Home Page Editor

Edit the individual modules contained on your site’s homepage keeping your content current

Content Code View

When your page needs some fine-tuning, or if you just prefer to deal with the HTML of the page

Scheduled Content Page Publishing

Don't want to show a content page to your customers right now? Schedule it to publish at a later time or date

Integrated Keyword Research Tool

Easily identify words that search engines find are related to your words so that you can quickly tell what words should be used on a content page to improve search rankings

Blog Postings

Use the same drag and drop editing to create blog posts as the page content builder to keep your customers informed and encourage more visitors to your site

Site Navigation Editor

Add, edit, or remove navigation options creating a well-tuned and easy to use navigation structure improving user experience

301 Redirect Management

Preserve your search engine rankings for a page that has had a URL change keeping your site easily searchable

SEO Friendly URLs

Our page URLS are made with SEO in mind to improve your overall page rankings

Custom CSS Editor

Make minor CSS file modifications to tailor your website's look and feel

Page Builder

Drag and drop page management that's intuitive and easy-to-use compared to other sites so that you can customize your page without needing to be an HTML expert

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Third-Party Integrations These are some of our included integrations to help you run your distributorship more efficiently.

Focus on Your Distributorship, We’ll Focus on Your Website Discover the powerful, flexible, e-commerce platform made for distribution to power a new generation of customers and growth.

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