Website Integration for TrulinX

Strong ties to your TrulinX ERP system

WebAlliance E-Commerce was built with integration in mind because we understand the importance of having the right data (your data) on your website. In a world where Distributors are forced to invest in multiple solutions to achieve their integration needs, WebAlliance E-Commerce removes that need in one simple, easy-to-use solution.

Integration is what we do best.
Automatically pull pricing, inventory, orders, invoices, and more from your TrulinX system to display on the website. Utilize PIM Enterprise, our Product Inventory Management solution to create and utilize item data and more.

Eliminate manual order entry.
WebAlliance with TrulinX can automatically import your customer's web orders into your system... import them as a quote or an order, whichever works best for your business.

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Make the most of your data...

Your back-office systems are the glue that holds your business together. WebAlliance allows you to integrate with those systems for display on the web. Find out why integration matters.

Pricing consistent with TrulinX

Pricing consistent with TrulinX

You spend a lot of time setting up pricing libraries, books, and pages. The WebAlliance e-commerce system will use the same pricing info you have already configured to display customer specific pricing to your website users. No more duplicate price management for the web and your TrulinX System.

Inventory information from TrulinX

Inventory Information from TrulinX

Users commonly will refer to your site to check and see if you have an item available. Your integrated website will have the ability to allow users to see the inventory information you select. Whether you want to show inventory values, in stock/out of stock indicators, or different info to logged in vs. anonymous shoppers. Inventory information is only a click away.

Customer Service Information Anytime

Customer Service 24/7

Give your users access to Invoices, Web Statement, Orders, Quotes, Purchase History, Open Backorders and more 24/7 - 365.

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