Prophet 21® ERP Software for Wholesale Distributors (2023)

Prophet 21 E-Commerce Integration Is Our Specialty.

Epicor Prophet 21 is a leading ERP distribution
software system for Wholesale Distributors.

Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc. specializes in creating tightly integrated e-commerce solutions for P21® systems.

At Aldrich Solutions, our team has a deep understanding of the specialized and unique challenges faced by wholesale distributors and light manufacturers in their everyday operations. Using this insight, we created WebAlliance E-Commerce with specific integration with Prophet 21 (a powerful ERP solution that is crafted to cater to the specific needs and requirements of wholesale distributors).  Prophet21 can streamline your distributorship and add powerful capabilities to help drive efficiency, profitability, and performance to your team and customers.  Prophet 21 is now available as a cloud-based offering providing a unique aspect of quick setup and easy maintenance.   Using Prophet21, many distributors have transformed their business from outdated processes to modern solutions.

WebAlliance e-Commerce from Aldrich Web Solutions integrates with Prophet 21, with e-commerce designed for wholesale distributors.

Prophet 21 Features:

  • Inventory Management: Prophet 21's inventory management module provides real-time visibility into your inventory levels and helps you track product movement, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstocking.
  • Purchasing: Purchasing capabilities allow you to streamline your procurement process, improve supplier relationships, and reduce lead times.
  • Sales Order Processing: With Prophet 21's sales order processing module, you can efficiently manage orders, fulfill customer requests, and generate invoices, all in one place.
  • Financial Management: Financial management capabilities provide you with a complete view of your business financials, including accounts payable and accounts receivable, helping you make informed decisions and improve cash flow.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Prophet 21's analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights into your business performance, including sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behavior, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Prophet 21 Integration:

At Aldrich Solutions, we specialize in integrating Prophet 21 with our WebAlliance e-commerce platform to help you streamline your business processes and improve efficiency. Our team has the expertise to integrate to your Prophet 21 system whether it is hosted on-site or via the Azure cloud.  We specialize in P21 integration and our 20 years of experience guarantees you the best onboarding experience with the smallest amount of hassle.   We can assist with a variety of conversion challenges to help ensure a smooth transition to WebAlliance e-commerce.  With this integration, you can eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your business data.

Who uses Epicor Prophet 21?

Prophet21 is utilized by leading industrial distributors, tooling distributors, PVF distributors, Safety distributors, MRO distributors, medical distribution, and many other types of distributors.

The user's group is a great resource for Epicor Prophet21 Customers
Looking for the P21 World Wide Users Group (P21WWUG)?


The Prophet 21 ERP software package enables inventory control, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, warehouse management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, CRM, and many other essential distributorship back-office operations.

Many distributors operate their entire business from the Prophet21 system. This powerful ERP software allows for a consolidated view of your business, all in one package.

P21 typically takes some time to implement and this process is often guided by an implementation specialist. The implementation specialist (often from Epicor Solutions) will work closely with the distributor during the initial setup and go-live.
Recently Epicor has introduced Prophet 21 for the cloud. A cloud-based implementation of Prophet21. Feedback on the service thus far has been positive as it eliminates the need for much of the required on-site hardware. Fortunately, Prophet 21 SaaS customers can still take advantage of world-class e-commerce from Aldrich Web Solutions.

Considering Epicor Commerce Connect?

Our E-Commerce distribution software is a fast, mature, secure and better alternative to P21 B2B Seller or Epicor Commerce Connect with Magento.

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solution for p21 ecommerce

Our P21 Integrated E-Commerce Solution

For e-commerce capabilities that enhance your online sales, online customer service, and online marketing abilities, we have a solution that is tightly integrated to Prophet 21 distribution software.

WebAlliance (our e-commerce platform) allows you to add online capabilities to your business that integrate tightly with your P21 system. Some examples are customer specific pricing, online inventory, online invoices, online order status, online order tracking, website content management, and many other B2B and B2C e-commerce functions.

Check out more info on our e-commerce page.

Learn More About Epicor Prophet 21

Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc. is an independent ISV and is not associated with Epicor.

Oursouced Support

Outsourced Support?

In recent times, Epicor has chosen to outsource Prophet21 customer support. This has presented various difficulties to customers. Tips for working with Epicor support include:

  • Make sure to ask a complete question and provide as much detail as is possible so that it will cause fewer delays between email responses.
  • Include screenshots where possible so that your support tech can have a clear view of the problem you are seeing.
  • Consider including proof that the problem exists on the system side so that your ticket isn't sent back causing another delay.

If you are experiencing slow or poor customer service with your Epicor Commerce Connect website, you have an easy alternative in WebAlliance.  More features, better value, superior service.

What is the P21 World Wide Users Group?

The P21WWUG is a user-run and organized group of P21 users that operate the P21 (Prophet21) erp software system by Epicor®. They have an annual CONNECT Conference and are an excellent resource for getting help, ideas, and suggestions from other companies that use P21. Each year Aldrich Web Solutions attends the P21 CONNECT Conference as a vendor. We enjoy providing demos of our solutions to new clients and visiting with many members of our current customer family.

You can find their website at