Segment Integration

Capture Data, Serve Customers

Connect data captured from your website to other services to serve your customers in a new and exciting way

Our Segment optional module integration allows you to capture many customer website interactions and relay that information to the Segment servers.  Segment then takes your data and can pass it on to other services.  Using this powerful tool, you can create marketing automations that are action driven and provide information relevant to each customer.

What can the Segment Module Do For Me?


Track Customer Item Views

With the Segment module, your website will report customer item views, clicks, searches and more to the Segment servers.  You can then use that data to build lists of customers who have looked at certain categories, brands, items, etc.


Feed Customer Trends To Email

Use the information you've collected in Segment to drive other applications such as AutoPilot.  AutoPilot (and other services) allow you to send emails based on user actions.  You can set up sustainable, repeatable marketing campaigns that will provide relevant, useful, helpful information directly to your customer.


Market To Clients

When you are able to group your clients based on their actual viewing habits, you are able to market to them effectively.  No one likes to get junk mail, but customers often appreciate useful information that is relevant to them.