Prophet 21®

Epicor Prophet 21® is a leading ERP distribution
software system for Wholesale Distributors.

Aldrich Web Solutions, Inc. specializes in creating tightly integrated e-commerce solutions for Prophet21® systems.

Prophet 21 Integrated e-commerce is our specialty.

Who uses Prophet21?

P21 is utilized by leading industrial distributors, tooling distributors, PVF distributors, Safety distributors, MRO distributors, and other types of distributors.

This powerful software package enables inventory control, purchasing, receiving, warehouse management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, CRM, and many other essential distributorship back-office operations.

Many distributors operate their entire business from the Prophet 21 system. This powerful ERP allows for a consolidated view of your business, all in one package.

Who uses prophet21
Our solution for p21 ecommerce

Our Solution

For e-commerce capabilities that enhance your online sales, online customer service, and online marketing abilities, we have a solution that is tightly integrated to P21.

WebAlliance (our e-commerce platform) allows you to add online capabilities to your business that integrate tightly with your P21 system. Some examples are customer specific pricing, online inventory, online invoices, online order status, online order tracking, website content management, and many other B2B and B2C e-commerce functions.

Check out more info on our e-commerce page.

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