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Proprietary Search Technology

We understand that the search engine is the heart of any e-commerce site. With that in mind, our proprietary search engine provides the best possible experience for your customers. Our engine is not SQL based, which means it doesn't suffer from the same performance limits that plaque SQL databases with millions of records.

WebAlliance takes the guesswork out of your customers hands when they search your site. With built-in search functionality such as your customers past purchases, frequently viewed, and more, we get to the the items that are relevant to your users faster and more reliably.

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What sets us apart

We've put years of experience and thousands of hours into making our search a superior experience for your customers.

Ranked Results

The WebAlliance Search Engine enables us to identify best matches based on what the customer searched, as well as things like purchase history, favorites, and more.

Ranked Results
Optimized for Speed

Optimized for speed

Our searching algorithm is capable of searching over 1 million records in under half a second, eliminating any frustration for your users.

English Language Aware

Our search engine has a basic understanding of many English language words. This allows searches to be more accurately found based on the words supplied. No more will your user not find the product because they search for 'drills' instead of 'drill'.

English Language Aware

Want to see our search engine first hand?

The website search engine is the heart of your customer experience. To see how our search engine can give your customers a better experience, request a demo using the link below. You'll quickly see the value the powerful search adds to your users.

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