WebAlliance delivers an optimized B2B Ecommerce Experience

An Optimized B2B Ecommerce Experience

WebAlliance is a Powerful, Flexible ecommerce platform made for distribution, integrated with Prophet21, Acumatica, TrulinX, and other ERPs to power your distributorship online.

Built in-house from the ground up, WebAlliance Ecommerce is a comprehensive B2B platform designed to integrate directly to your ERP system and provide extensive product information, real-time inventory, personalized pricing, customer account information, and much more.

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An All-in-one Ecommerce Solution

The suite of available solutions includes a customer portal, PIM, mobile app, salesrep module and online invoice payments meaning less vendors, more efficiency and faster growth.

WebAlliance is furnished with features and functionalities that are meticulously designed to meet the distinct needs of B2B distributors. This includes covering all essential aspects of the business such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and sales processing all in one platform.

Built in-house from the ground up, WebAlliance automates and synchronizes directly with your ERP, ensuring your website accurately aligns with your existing business processes. This enhances efficiency and accuracy, while freeing up resources for growth and customer satisfaction.

Customize the entire process from dynamic content management, site design, brand messaging & more; we give you the tools to create an ecommerce site that represents your growing business.
Product Illustration of Aldrich WebAlliance eCommerce

Explore the full suite of WebAlliance Ecommerce Capabilities

Experience the All-In-One Ecommerce Advantage with WebAlliance

Online Invoices

Streamline cash flow bottlenecks by allowing users to view and pay invoices online - even partial payments and custom fees – imported automatically into your ERP

Customer Specific ERP Pricing

Our integrated ecommerce uses pricing information directly from your ERP so your customers always have the correct pricing specific to them

Real-time Inventory

Using real-time ERP data, accessing critical information like inventory availability, shipment tracking, invoice payments, and quotes is a breeze

Order Tracking & History

Customers can see the status of their orders and shipments in real time without calling a CSR, saving everyone time and building trust

Account Status & Statements

Seamless ERP integration ensures that invoice and order details are readily available online and searchable by PO, invoice, date, and many other fields

24-hour Account Access

Customers want to do business where and when it is convenient for them. Give them 24/7 online access to tracking, real-time inventory, customer specific pricing, invoices, and other crucial info

WebAlliance integrates directly with your ERP

Sponsored Search

Showcase certain "Sponsored" items alongside normal search results, driving sales to items of your choosing

Automated Emails

Automate communication before and during the sales process, serving your customers in the place they want most

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor site clicks and analyze search statistics to continuously enhance your customer experience, ensuring that your best sellers remain top performers

Emulate Users

Emulate a user to troubleshoot that user's account to resolve issues quickly saving CSR and customer's time and effort

Site Calls-to-Action

Easily relay important messages and announcements to your website's users

Built-in Live Chat

Provide customer service and answer questions live online so that customers can easily reach out with their questions at the time they are visiting your site, without the hassle of a phone call

WebAlliance allows you to engage with your customers

Page Manager

Easily edit, copy, delete, rename, and customize marketing pages with our intuitive drag-and-drop system, keeping your content up to date without needing HTML expertise

Content Builder

Create beautiful web pages without all the complexity that comes with most out of the box content editors. With features like drag-n-drop blocks, custom scripts & styles, and more; you can tailor your site to meet the needs of your customers

Design Manager

Quickly access your HTML and CSS files to make custom changes to your site

Site-wide Messaging

Easily get important messages to your users by displaying messages or popups across your website website

Custom Forms

Create personalized forms inside your website to receive email submissions without needing a 3rd party provider

Homepage Editor

Select from dozens of block options, including slideshows, featured products, testimonials, and more. Don't see what you need? Take advantage of our custom HTML blocks to create your own unique designs

Invoice Payments

Users view and pay invoices online - even partial payments and custom fees – imported automatically into your ERP

Product Info Management (PIM)

Quickly manage and bulk edit product information, item attributes, categories with imports, exports, and more

Purchase Orders

Apply your business rules online to maintain consistency in customer transactions, aligning the online process with in-person practices

Salesrep Module

Give your sales team comprehensive customer information and mobile order entry to serve customers effectively without relying on CSR availability

Product Restrictions

Make items only available or viewable to certain customers, creating a more concise shopping experience for territory or catalog specific shoppers

Order Templates

Create lists of items to help your customers find frequently ordered items quickly and easily with one-click checkout

Salesrep Module and Checkout Figure

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Our Third Party Partners

We partner with a wide range of solutions to provide an array of effective options to best fit your goals and business needs. With our robust portfolio of technology partners, we will provide your organization with the best service, along with the right solutions, to succeed.

Frequently asked questions

WebAlliance is Aldrich Solutions' ecommerce platform designed specifically for Distributors. It seamlessly integrates with ERPs like Prophet21, Acumatica, & TrulinX to enable efficient online sales and product/user management.

Maintaining a website integrated with your ERP requires ongoing updates. Your ERP system will be updated from time to time, and it is important that your WebAlliance website continue to work across those updates.

With this in mind, WebAlliance does have recurring monthly hosting and support costs.

The WebAlliance platform currently integrates with the Prophet21, Acumatica, & TrulinX ERPs.

WebAlliance is a customized ecommerce solution designed for B2B distributors, featuring customizable product catalogs for organized and easy navigation, real-time inventory management to prevent overstocking and stockouts, and advanced search capabilities for quick product location.

It offers personalized user experiences through relevant product suggestions and promotions and integrates seamlessly with popular ERP systems like Epicor Prophet21, Tribute Software TrulinX, and Acumatica.

The platform is scalable and adaptable, supporting multiple currencies, languages, and product types to accommodate business growth and scalable needs. Additional features include real-time pricing control, efficient order and invoice processing to reduce manual entry and errors, and sophisticated analytics and reporting to provide insights into sales, customer engagement, and website performance for data-driven decisions.

The WebAlliance platform ensures the security and resilience of your ecommerce operations with fail-safes during disruptions like server outages and cyber-attacks.

Key features include:

  • Fail-safe mechanisms for order protection
  • Error detection via the "data track" system
  • Proactive risk management with audits and updates
  • Robust support structure for quick issue resolution and operational continuity

These showcase WebAlliance's commitment to safeguarding ecommerce data.

With WebAlliance hosting and support, you get a comprehensive package covering crucial aspects for your ecommerce platform.

WebAlliance includes hosting for up to 100,000 SKUs online, with additional charges for exceeding this limit. It also offers storage for up to 10,000 files or 1,000 MB of non-product image storage, with extra charges for exceeding these limits.

The platform ensures reliable hosting at Tierpoint® Data Centers, including bandwidth in the pricing to avoid separate charges.

Support access includes two or three named users with exclusive access to the support team via a dedicated portal and telephone support during specified hours. While response times aren't guaranteed, WebAlliance typically responds in less than 30 minutes, with averages well under an hour.

To integrate WebAlliance into your business, we start with a personalized introduction Book a Demo to understand your specific needs. This is followed by a platform walkthrough, demonstrating how our features streamline processes.

You'll have a hands-on exploration opportunity to navigate the platform and customize settings. We then address any questions in a Q&A session and outline next steps for integration.