Multiple phone screens showing different functionalities of WebAlliance Ecommerce app, including home page, product detail, and order summary.

Sell More

Make it easier for customers to explore...and order!

Customers can place orders while in the field or away from their desks, streamlining the process and reducing delays.

A mobile app allows customers to place orders anytime, even outside of traditional business hours, which can increase sales.

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Increase Engagement

Push notifications that keep customers informed about new products and promotions

Interactive features like chat support, GPS navigation, and camera access for a premium user experience

24/7 access to information to make informed decisions in the palm of their hand

User-friendly interface that is intuitive for marketing impact

Personalization of experiences and recommendations based on user behavior

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Image of WebAlliance Ecommerce mobile app showing the home screen with seamless ERP Integration

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your business from competitors who only use traditional methods or outdated tech

Adapt to market trends inside wholesale distribution and keep pace with customer expectations

As the next generation of business owners takes over, they expect modern, tech-savvy solutions like mobile apps

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Image of two phones showing the Aldrich WebAlliance Ecommerce Mobile app in the Apple App Store

A Superior Mobile Experience

Get the most ROI on your ecommerce strategy with a branded App

A Shared Experience

The Mobile App shares data with your website, providing seamless access to information for your customers

GPS/Location Navigation

Using the device's built in GPS, you can provide easy guidance to your physical locations

Brand Visibility

Having an app means your brand is always present on your customers’ mobile screen, increasing visibility and mindshare

Integrated Chat

Provide real-time chat access to your team with our chat integration

Push Notifications

Marketing push notifications feature personalized messages so that your customers are more effectively engaged

Integrated Systems

Seamlessly integrated with existing ERP systems, ensuring real-time data syncs and reduced error frustration

Reduce Phone Traffic

Exploring product details, including ERP-integrated pricing and availability, reduces routine inquiries and orders, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks

Optimized Performance

Apps are faster than their mobile-friendly website counterparts


Mobile apps take advantage of device features such as camera access, Face ID, etc.

Photo of a person holding a phone using the Aldrich Solutions WebAlliance Ecommerce Mobile App in soft focus

Get Discovered in the App Stores

Unlock the power of mobile ecommerce with the WebAlliance Mobile App. It provides a seamless shopping experience, easily accessible from both Apple® and Google® App Stores

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users and ensuring compatibility with your device of choice.

The mobile app is fully integrated with your WebAlliance ecommerce platform, providing seamless synchronization of data across both the web and mobile interfaces. This ensures that all updates, whether made on the mobile app or through the web platform, are reflected in real-time across all devices.

Our mobile app offers a comprehensive range of ecommerce functionalities, including product browsing, order placement, inventory checks, account management, as well as branch locations with contact information, ensuring your customers can place orders and manager their accounts on the go.

Security is a top priority for our mobile app, which includes features like secure login, data encryption, and compliance with industry-standard data protection regulations to safeguard your business and customer information.

Technical support for the mobile app is available through our dedicated support team. You can reach out via our customer help portal, email, or phone for any assistance you may need.